DeSu 2 #4: Tonight’s Forecast, A Freeze is Coming

Hinako Kujou

So failing to save one party member is bad enough. Then another Septentrione appears.

Can’t seem to catch a break…

Continuing where we last left off: Keita is dead, and Hibiki blames himself because he died protecting him. However, there’s no time to mourn any losses as trouble is approaching in the form of the second Septentrione, Merak.

Doesn't the military know that assault vehicles does nothing against these guys? Have they learned nothing from Eva?

Doesn’t the military know that assault vehicles does nothing against these guys? Have they learned nothing from Eva?

Merak has two main forms of attack: The first is sending out a volley of bits that explode upon impact called Merak Missiles. The second is an icy beam that completely freezes anything within its path called Circumpolarity,. As it approaches the Tsuutentaku, JP’s have some Summoners act as its defense. Hinako suggests to Io that she should act as Hibiki’s moral support.

Speaking of which, Yamato, and most of JP’s for that matter, is a dick; probably even moreso than Keita. He brushes off Keita’s death like it was nothing. Hibiki, not willing to just gonna stand around and let anyone else die for his sake, decides to fight. But JP’s isn’t gonna let him go until they can formulate a plan of attack. But Hibiki has a plan: Attack.

Hibiki joins up with Hinako and her group as they launch an attack against Merak. However, Byakko’s electric attacks do little damage. Merak sends out more missiles towards them, and Hinako is caught in the blast, seriously injuring her. She doesn’t die, fortunately. Good thing, ’cause I was about to flip a damn table if she did die.

Ummm... Isn't it too early to be knowing that?

Ummm… Isn’t it too early to be knowing that?

Afterwards, Hibiki is approached by the Anguished One, who introduces himself as Alcor. Apparently, he and Yamato used to be buddies. He tells Hibiki that Io is about to fight in his place, motivated by Hibiki’s strength. She summons Megami Kikuri-Hime, which does alot of damage on Merak, enough to severly weaken it. But it’s not down yet. It prepares to fire another Circumpolarity, but Byakko destroys it in the nick of time.

Screenshot - 4_27_2013 , 10_26_29 PM

It seems that the battle is finished, but another missile tries to release itself from the remainder of Merak, but it is destroyed. Meanwhile, the JP’s Nagoya branch has been taken. And the mastermind behind it…

Former JP's team member? Wait... what?

Former JP’s team member? Wait… what?

The episode closes with Ronaldo warning Hibiki about Yamato and having him accompany him somewhere.

So I take it that with this change in Ronaldo’s character (He was originally a detective fighting against JP’s), the Dera-Deka sidequest most likely won’t be happening. That aside, I can’t believe that we spent three episodes on Monday. I’m getting worried about how this 13-episode adaptation will be handled. Next episode begins Tuesday, where my two favorite characters and one whose appearance is way overdue, will finally appear..

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