Valvrave #3 & #4: Haruto of the Liberation

Screenshot - 5_7_2013 , 10_21_57 AMSo that’s what Valvrave is liberating…

So after the history lesson about the three factions, we get to where we last left off in Episode 3, with L-Elf being held in captivity by ARUS. He says some stuff to Haruto about a hand mic, an earthquake, a riot, and 3:14 PM, and that the answer will be behind him.

What kind of school allows body pillows?

What kind of school allows body pillows?

ARUS Senator Figaro has arrived at Module 77 to lend the school support. Speaking of the school, Haruto picked up a fanbase due to his piloting the Valvrave. Also a brief analysis of his blood shows it’s normal, but healing factors aren’t really normal. And they’d rather not take Haruto to a doctor or else they would use him for research purposes.

Yeah, that's... wait...

Yeah, that’s… wait…

All of a sudden, Haruto freaks out and his Vampire Geass (Yeah, that’s what I’m calling it) kicks in, and a smack in the face from Rukino knocks him back to his old self. I’m pretty sure that wouldn’t usually work, but anyway, Haruto meets Senator Figaro as he shows him an online video of his first fight uploaded by someone by the name of Rainbow.

And that... qualifies as news...

And that… qualifies as news…

He posts a message on the board which reaches headline news almost instantly, national sports game gets put on hold to invite this guy; he even gets friended by the President.

Anyway, Senator Figaro offers Haruto his help to run away from the fight and focus on helping others survive. Meanwhile, L-Elf proves his nickname as “The One-Man Brigade” as he unscrews the chair he is in, uses said screw to take out the lights, kills his captors, and offs more soldiers with explosions and smoke bombs from shit out of nowhere.

As the evacuation begins, Haruto realizes what L-Elf said was coming to pass. He’s holding a hand mic, an ARUS ship collides with the Module, causing an earthquake (or something that resembles it). The result causes their plan of escape to fall apart, thus causing a riot. And on 3:14 PM, Haruto looks behind him to find L-Elf.

Well, "pact" does sound a whole lot safer than "contract." Nowadays, "contract" has become the most dangerous sounding world in the English language dictionary.

Well, “pact” does sound a whole lot safer than “contract.” Nowadays, “contract” has become the most dangerous sounding world in the English language dictionary.

In Episode 4, it seems ARUS has their own plan: To take Valvrave and use it to wage war against Dorssia. Meanwhile, L-Elf seems to want Haruto’s help to liberate Dorssia and if he chooses to accept, all he has to do is to make the peace sign, which may have a different meaning to Dorssians.

I figured that you should be able to find a certain something in this picture

I figured that you should be able to find a certain something in this picture

Anyway, Haruto goes to where Senator Figaro and some ARUS soldiers is and they’re trying to see if they can pilot the Valvrave.

Probably should've paid attention to the Kyubei girl here speaking Engrish...

Probably should’ve paid attention to the Kyubei girl here speaking Engrish…

The Valvrave’s system doesn’t accept the guy inside and it makes him explode in a bloody mess.

To make matters worse, Dorssian fleet has arrived, meaning Senator Figaro has to ditch the students. It turns out that going to JIOR’s aid was second priority, and if it came to that, they’d have no problems about ditching ithem if it ensured their own survival. Haruto tries to use his body surfing, only to find out that it doesn’t work unless he directly bites down on the skin.

Shoko has found out that ARUS is lying and summons a student council meeting to formulate a plan. When the other students refuse to listen, she decides to take extreme measures to get her message across.

Screenshot - 5_7_2013 , 9_53_19 AM

By taking her clothes off… And it works.

The students put up a diversion to the ARUS soldiers while Shoko and the others rescue Haruto and find proof of ARUS’s treachery. Senator Figaro tries to make a break for it, but is held up and Haruto telling the students of what ARUS plans to do doesn’t help, either.

Screenshot - 5_7_2013 , 9_59_44 AM Screenshot - 5_7_2013 , 10_01_44 AM

Yeah, shooting at students is a surefire way to get your point across. This’ll really help his campaign. Anyway, Haruto takes back the Valvrave and puts an end to Senator Figaro’s plan. JIOR appears to be safe, at least from ARUS. Dorssians have surrounded the Module. L-Elf has stated that they have taken all of the JIOR Modules except for 77.

Screenshot - 5_7_2013 , 10_09_08 AM

Abandoned by ARUS and surrounded by Dorssia, it seems the only safe option is to surrender, However, Shoko comes up with a plan: To ensure Dorssia won’t hurt their families, they’ll have Valvrave as their hostage. At the same time, they also ensure ARUS won’t leave them alone.

They then decide to declare independence and become their own nation, which involves taking the Module and moving it somewhere else.

"You want our robit? You can't have it, but I did you all a big favor: I have successfully privatized world peace."

“You want our robit? You can’t have it, but I did you all a big favor: I have successfully privatized world peace.”

Not half bad, considering she’s the JIOR prime minister’s daughter. Leadership must run in the family. Anyway, I think it’s pretty obvious that this show isn’t gonna take itself serious at this point. Honestly, I enjoy the cheese. It might make it a rather enjoyable show, for the wrong reasons.

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