DeSu 2 #8: Megrez Triple Trouble

Otome YanagiyaNow this seems like the perfect time to vent out my frustrations I had with Megrez. No, you don’t fight all three of them at once (fortunately). Megrez was the first Septentrione boss I’ve had real trouble with. Because the guy keeps moving away every time you attack it. It doesn’t help that these guys have an even longer attack range than demons with Evil/Chaos Wave. If I knew Fumi had such a high Magic stat, I would’ve went with the Nagoya team instead of Tokyo team…

Oh, just you wait til we get to another certain Septentrione. Then I’m really gonna tear it up.

I know it's been like a few episodes ago since we've seen Hinako, but did her boobs get bigger or what?

I know it’s been like a few episodes ago since we’ve seen Hinako, but did her boobs get bigger or what?

Anyway, the Osaka team (Hibiki, Daichi, Io, and Hinako) are preparing to battle Megrez-O when Hibiki asks Daichi to back off from the next fight. Good idea. I’m still waiting on Daichi to get mis moment of awesome. Before then, he had gotten a flash drive from Ronaldo containing dirt he dug up about JP’s and the Hotsuin family. Hibiki swears that Yamato must be stopped if he plans on doing wrong.

Megrez attacks by shooting out cone-shaped buds that resembles Dubhe without its top. Upon hitting the ground, they use an earthquake attack called Diastrophism. It can also regenerate as long as its other two parts are still alive.

Daichi summons Avatar Heqet, but it turns tail and run at the first sight of Megrez-O.

Screenshot - 5_23_2013 , 9_23_42 PM

Daichi's Demons are Weak

Yeah, I’m still gonna keep reusing the same screencap everytime this happens.

Hinako then summons Berserker, the same one previously owned by Keita, and attacks to exposes Megrez-O’s core. Hibiki has Byakko to destroy it, but Megrez-O regenerates.

As for the one-man Tokyo team (Yamato), he seems to have no problems with the Megrez-T as he has Avatar Baal hold it back while Cerberus destroys the buds it shoots out. It helps that he’s using the Ryumyaku to amplify his power.

It also helps that Tokyo's got a kickass light show.

It also helps that Tokyo’s got a kickass light show.

The Osaka team is sent a dead face clip. This one shows Ronaldo, Otome, and Joe getting killed by the Megrez buds. (Sweet merciful crap, a triple-kill death clip? They’re not fucking around here). They inform the Nagoya team (Ronaldo, Otome, Joe, Jungo, and Airi) about it and tell them to back down, but they decline since they’re the only summoners that can hold a candle against the Septentriones. Plus, it’s a possibility that the events in the clip won’t happen.

Nagoya team decides to use a backup plan to keep Megrez-N from approaching the Nagoya TV tower. Along the way, it decimates the apartment where Airi had memories of her and her parents (Oh yeah, the Dera-Deka event definitely ain’t happening). This provokes Airi into summoning Fairy Lorelei, which uses an Ice attack to completely put Megrez-N to a halt.

And this serves as a reminder about how I didn't have many Ice skills when I fought Megrez...

And this serves as a reminder about how I didn’t have many Ice skills when I fought Megrez…

With the Megrez trio’s cores exposed, Byakko, Cerebus, and Ronaldo’s Hero Hagen attack and eliminates them. Megrez-N does a last-ditch attack before it disintegrates and shoots out more buds at the Nagoya team. Jungo and Airi manage to survive, but Ronaldo, Joe, and Otome are dead. But what’s really out of place, there’s a strange void filling up the sky…

I wish this is all a dream as well, because I don't think I can take much more of this.

I wish this is all a dream as well, because I don’t think I can take much more of this.

Hibiki confronts Alcor about him making Nicaea and the dead face clips, It turns out that this is humanity’s trial put into motion by the Administrator of the Universe, Polaris. Alcor explains that Polaris is a god-like being that maintains the order of the world and the Septentriones are its mechanisms to enforce the order. It has concluded that humanity is no longer neccessary and must be destroyed. However, Alcor, who reveals himself as a Septentrione, believes that humanity has potential. Since Alcor is the Sword of Polaris and therefore cannot directly act against it, instead he designed Nicaea and the demon-summoning app and gave it to humanity so they can prove themselves.

Screenshot - 5_23_2013 , 10_41_57 PMPolaris doesn’t intend to destroy the entire world, but plunge it into a void. Only when all the Septentriones are destroyed can humanity earn the right to confront Polaris and prevent the world and its history from disappearing into complete nothingness.

Goddamnit. I should’ve known Otome raised a death flag when she showed her photo of her family to Io. Joe I had a gut feeling he woud get killed so I’m pretty saddened. Ronaldo I didn’t care too much for, but I’m surprised he died, considering he’s a major character in one of the possible endings. Yeah, no one is guaranteed to survive this adaption.

By the way, I didn’t mention this back in Episode 3, but a main character is removed from the ED animation when they’re killed off, in case you weren’t they’ve been dead for real. Episode 3 onwards, Keita was removed. Now, Ronaldo, Joe, and Otome goes bye-bye.

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