Why Dragon Ball Z should not be on Toonami

Screenshot - 5_25_2013 , 10_23_18 PMCan you believe it’s been one whole year since Toonami came back? Time sure does fly, doesn’t it? So a hotly debated topic is that Dragon Ball Z should come back. Naruto and IGPX came back. Should Dragon Ball Z come back for Toonami to be truly good?

The answer is no. Toonami has always been good, DBZ notwithstanding. People always say Toonami is nothing without Dragon Ball Z. Incorrect. if anything, it’s the other way around. It tanked when it was airing in syndication and if Cartoon Network hadn’t picked it up, it still would’ve remained tanked.

Also let’s think about length: Dragon Ball Z is 291 episodes (276, going by the U.S. edited version). That would be airing once a week for at least 6 years. The other long-running shows gets a pass for various reasons: Naruto (220 episodes) and One Piece (500+ episodes and counting) never got to finish their runs before Cartoon Network pulled the plug on them. Bleach (366 episodes) was always on [adult swim] since 2006 and is about to be ending in about a year or so.

Sadly, it’s not like wine where it gets better with age. That’s why Dragon Ball Z Kai is there. And don’t tell me “That’s not the same DBZ!” ’cause that’s bullshit. It basically covers the Saiyan, Namekian, and Androids Sagas in 98 episodes (And soon, the Majin Buu Saga as well) with better soundtrack and voice recording, and a script that’s more true to the original. Plus, it does away with all the needless, illogical filler episodes. Explain to me why Goku and Piccolo need driving lessons if they can fly!

Don’t get me wrong. I love Dragon Ball Z as much as the next person, it was like the greatest thing during our childhood. But there’s the keywords: During our childhood. You grow up, and experience other things, and you move on. If you still wanna watch DBZ, Nicktoons seem to be showing movie marathons during Toonami, so there you go.

4 thoughts on “Why Dragon Ball Z should not be on Toonami


    Okay… for starters, DBZ was the pride of Toonami, kinda like Mario and Nintendo. Without it, Toonami isn’t the same. And what bugged me the most about your petty speech, was you comparing Dragon Ball Z with dragon ball z kai (Notice I didn’t capitalize kai) There are several reasons kai doesn’t meet the standards of the original DBZ. For one thing, the shortened story. Do you know why dbz kai so short? Because they sped everything up so much they literally covered about 3 to 4 episodes of the frieza saga in 1 episode. And someone must have failed to tell you, that they completely got rid of an entire saga. The Garlic JR saga was short, but it added an entire half of the story. The Voice acting is all screwed up now, there’s no emotion to the voices of each and every individual character in kai. The original script was changed when the original voices were just fine, they added a different type of coloring to the show that makes it too different from the original, the outlines of the characters were thick and the color was clear and less vivid. Then they added a brighter display to the series. Then they screwed up the BGM and incerted the original Japanese audio into the show, which was not only horrible, but also was originally published in mono not stereo. Bruce faulconer’s music added suspense, action, and overall emotion into the show, Bruce Faulconer’s music made people laugh, made them stand up during a fight, and created a sense of sadness everytime a Z Fighter Died. Goku’s Super Saiyan Transformation was the most intense and emotional scene in the frieza saga, they pulled off the right emotion with the right music. They intensified the drama of gohan’ ascent to Super Saiyan amd Super Saiyan 2. The Flashbacks had character, emotion, and also gave the viewer a sense of nostalgia from past episodes. There is not a single thing NOT wrong with kai. They killed the series. Akira Toriyama grabbed the timeless classic cut out the pages, scribbled on outlines, spit on it, killed the emotion, and destroyed the best classic anime. He burned down my childhood, and many others. A hige percentage of early anime fans grew up with Dthon Ball

    1. DarkstarZero Post author

      Sorry it took so long to reply to this. Apparently email replying doesn’t work

      OK, let me point something out to you. Look at the date this post was published. It was back in May 2013, long before Naruto Shippuden came on Toonami. How was I supposed to know that would happen?

      Oh, and you say you were brought up differently by DBZ from me? Isn’t anyone who watched DBZ experience the same thing, or am I missing something? No offense, but that’s the kind of logic that I would expect from a SAO fanboy. DBZ and DBZ Kai are essentially the same thing in a nutshell. Same storyline, same characters. One is just shorter and better paced.

      Also, the Garlic Jr. saga was filler, a non-canon story made by the anime writers to kill time until the mangaka makes enough story to be adapted into anime. It didn’t add anything to the main story, except continue off a storyline started from a movie that was also non-canon to begin with.

      Oh and if you really think DBZ is “the pride of Toonami,” you should probably take a gander at this then. http://tsukento.tumblr.com/image/79739890845


    Comtinued… grew up with Dragon Ball Z, as for me I Started with Dragon Ball Z. And before I get completely off topic let me finish with, I don’t know, or care who the hell you are, but once you’ve been brought up into Dragon Ball Z, like me, then you can go on saying, DBZ and dbz kai are the same. But until then, don’t go speaking about Dragon Ball Z like you know what you’re talking about.


    Oh… and one more thing, speaking abput the episode amounts. It’s true that DBZ had a significantly high amount of episodes, but now Naruto Shippuden has been broadcasted on toonami and the series is well over 300 episodes long, basically making your entire speech, INVALID. Sorry, but that’s the truth


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