Valvrape #9 & #10: Rape, Elections, and Vampires

Well, what do you expect me to do, VVV-tan? I don't know how to feed AI lolis.

Well, what do you expect me to do, VVV-tan? I don’t know how to feed AI lolis.

Yes, thank you so much for reminding us that Aina's dead... THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!

Yes, thank you so much for reminding us that Aina’s dead… THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!

Episode 9: While Module 77 in en route to the Moon, which is neutral territory, Haruto and L-Elf talk military strategies until Haruto goes into Vampire Geass mode. L-Elf just sits there and Falcon Punches him in his gut, noting his attacks have been occurring more frequently. During planning, Yamada, tries to sneak in and take a Valvrave to no avail. It seems the reason why he wants to jump into one is to get revenge for his friend who was killed during the first Dorssian attack.

Speaking of which, the Dorssians come back for surprise attack. Luckily, Module 77 has been armed with a barrier system and gun turrets to hold them off until they can get the Valvraves mobilized. The Dorssian fleet fall back as a diversion to lure the Valvraves away from Module 77 so a larger fleet can appear and catch them off-guard. To make matters worse, using the barriers too much causes a power outage.

Screenshot - 6_15_2013 , 9_52_17 PMInazuka finds Yamada in the Valvraves’ hangar and, wanting to get payback for Aina’s death, jumps into Valvrave V. This one’s main weapon is incredibly powerful deflector shields that can block almost any laser attack. However, it also leaves its back wide open. Valvrave III, piloted by Yamada–

Screenshot - 6_15_2013 , 9_55_33 PMOK, Thunder, whatever. Anyway, Thunder enters the battlefield with Valvrave III, which has multiple arms. With their back against the wall, they decide to say “Screw it” and fire their superlaser to vaporize Module 77. Inazuka goes to intercept it, and possibly risking his life to stop it, when he sees Aina’s ghost, like something outta Mobile Suit Gundam. He then blocks the laser and takes out the lead ship, forcing the others to abort the mission.

Later, L-Elf confronts Professor Kibukawa about the VVV Project, which continues on in Episode 10, where we learn that the school teachers (except for Rion) are actually military personnel, acting as caretakers for the students. Also, the AI girl and the Harakiri Blade is only given to Valvrave I.

Screenshot - 6_15_2013 , 10_45_37 PM Screenshot - 6_15_2013 , 10_47_59 PMAnyway, as with Rukino and Valvrave IV/Carmilla, the opening has been updated to show Thunder with Valvrave III and Inazuka with Valvrave V. Speaking of which, Thunder seems to shrug off the fact that the robot turned him into a vampire.

Oh really? I thought "crazy" was how everything in this show worked.

Oh really? I thought “crazy” was how everything in this show worked.

Meanwhile, in the recent episodes, Shoko has been getting friendly with Satomi’s little sister, Akira, the hikikomori hacker who streamed Haruto’s first fight onto the internet. What with all the focus Akira has been getting, I won’t be surprised if she pilots the last Valvrave.

Rion makes an announcement that she is holding student elections for the next JIOR prime minister. Meanwhile, after a rather uncomfortable elevator moment with Takahi, Haruto goes into Vampire Geass mode and nearly attacks her. His seizures are worsening and eventually, he’ll completely lose control. Rukino vows to kill him should that happen. Also, some of the students are nominating Shoko to run in the election. However, she is reluctant to do so.

This is because she’s distraught over her father presumably being killed. Either way, Haruto still manages to talk her into running into the election. The first thing she announces during her campaign…

Screenshot - 6_15_2013 , 11_39_24 PMYeah, but it’s crazy enough to work, pretty much how Shoko’s plans work. Meanwhile, Haruto’s Vampire Geass seizures get even worse, his eyes turning red along with the usual scars on his forehead, and then he starts to rape Rukino, resulting in a really weird sex scene.

OK, this scene has pretty much caused alot of bitching and moaning on my Twitter TL, so I’m going to give my honest-to-God opinion. This scene wasn’t as awful as everyone said it would be. Maybe this’ll teach me to believe it when I see it. Personally, I think everyone was overexaggerating and most likely forgot about a certain tidbit connected to this incident. Was it rage-inducing? No, but it could’ve been so much worse (Sword Art Online, tentacle rape). Was it awkward? Hell yes; cutting between this and Shoko winning the election doesn’t make it any better. Was it unnecessary? No. This actually makes sense when you think about it. Remember back when they kissed back in Episode 5 and VVV-tan asked “Is this sex?” Considering the following: What if VVV-tan is the reason behind Haruto’s seizures and was perhaps curious about sex? It’s possible that VVV-tan is brainwashing Haruto. That’s what I think.

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