Attack on Titan #10-#16: Remember the Titans

Why, hello there, favorite new character!

Why, hello there, favorite new character!

OK, so I’ve slacked off enough. I think i need to brush up on what has happened on Attack on Titan since my several weeks with limited internet access…

Episodes 10-13: Battle of Trost Continued
Dot Pixis begins an operation to take back Trost by using Eren’s Titan-shifting abilities to have him carry a large boulder to the hole in the wall and seal it. However, as the operation begins, thing go wrong when Eren loses control of his Titan form and goes on a rampage, attacking Mikasa in the process. With some percussive therapy from Armin, Eren regains control of himself to seal the wall and prevent more Titans from entering Trost.

Man, feels like I’m watching Bleach again, ’cause the Battle for Trost arc dragged on sometimes.

Episode 13.5: Since that day…
This episode recaps Episodes 1 through 13. I didn’t see any need to watch it. So let’s move on.

Episodes: 14-16: Night Before The Counteroffensive
Citizens have been split over the fact that the very thing that they fear is among them. Some believe that Eren is monster who deserves death; Others believe he is humanity’s savior. While in captivity, he meets Hanji Zoë, a squad leader of the Survey Corps researching Titans. They have also captured two Titans from Trost, which she named Sawney and Bean. She learned some interesting things about them; For example, the Titans’ behavior can be affected by the lack of sunlight. Also, despite their large size, they’re actually lightweight. These two are killed by someone. The Survey Corps are given a mission to investigate basement in Zhiganshina, which holds the secrets to the Titans, which means they have to retake Zhiganshina. Eren is also joined by the other graduates from the 104th Training Corps (except for Marco, he was killed in the Battle for Trost.) as they are recruited into the Survey Corps.

I’m glad we’re finally getting to this basement soon, because I would like an explanation for all this right about now before my patience wears thin…

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