Pacific Rim [Review]

So when are we getting plastic models of the Jaegers?

Pacific Rim can only be described as a true live-action mecha anime. The film is filled with the usual tropes you would find in anime that you’d think that it could actually work as one.

The story of Pacific Rim is set in the near future where giant sea monsters referred to as Kaiju, emerged from the bottom of the sea and attacks major cities, threatening to bring humanity to the brink of extinction. In response to the attacks, the world governments constructed giant robot weapons known as Jaegers. Although the Jaegers are able to stand on equal ground against the Kaiju, as time passes on, the Kaiju become more powerful and smarter, to the point that Jaegers can’t withstand them.

Like I mentioned before, it’s ripe with the kind of stuff you would find in an anime. There are loads of shoutouts to mecha anime and kaiju films littered in the film, especially some shoutouts to Neon Genesis Evangelion. For example, the Jaegers are piloted via neural link. Also, it even involves an orange liquid reminiscent of LCL. It even has one of those “You’re squeezing me too hard” hug. Also, I think there might’ve been an Attack on Titan reference, when one of the Kaiju crashed through a wall that humans built. I could go on forever, but I’d rather let you find out yourself.

Pacific Rim is an awesome film that is possibly a love letter from Guillermo del Toro to mecha fans, myself included. I have already claimed it to be the best movie of the summer, and possibly the year. So why are you still sitting here reading this review? Go watch it already! In fact, if your town has an IMAX or something similar to it, see it there instead of some lame theatre screen. You won’t regret it,

Pacific Rim: An IMAX 3-D Experience [Add-On Review]
It’s booming loud with every Jaeger’s footstep, every punch thrown. It’s very spectacular 3-D effect. It’s well worth the $16. Those who saw this at a regular theatre is missing out on a more awesome experience because it doesn’t do it justice.

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