Attack on Titan #23 & #24: Annie Get Your Gun

roflbotHey, guess what? There’s a reveal in this episode that’s about as blatantly obvious as… the last blatantly obvious reveal.

Annie, who joined the Military Police after graduating from the 104th Trainees, wakes up from a dream. Gee, I wonder what this could allude to…

I find this girl troll-tastic grin... unsettling.

I find this girl troll-tastic grin… unsettling.

Anyway, her group has recieved an assignment. They are to accompany the caravan that’s taking Eren to the capital through Stohess District. However, they’re rather reluctant to take any orders from their corrupt higher-ups.¬†And by “corrupt,” I mean corrupt. One of them tries to sell government weapons to the black market and beats up one of the rookies who tries to tell on them.

Well, at least he's honest about it.

Well, at least he’s honest about it.

Armin calls Annie to ask for her aid in helping Eren escape. The two, along with Eren and Mikasa head down to a tunnel that leads to the abandoned underground city, while Jean takes Eren’s place as his decoy. However, Annie refuses to continue on due to be claustrophobic.

Armin then asks why she had Marco’s Maneuver Gear, which he recognized right down to the minor cosmetic damages because he helped in repairing it. Then, he asks why she didn’t kill him back then. Which pretty much confirms that Annie is the Female Titan.

Well, somebody better pick up that phone, because…


Predictable plot twist is predictable. Anyway, Annie tries to bite down on her finger to transform, but Armin signals for her capture. It turns out that this was part of the Survey Corps’ plan to lure Annie into a trap and capture her before she transforms. This plan was concocted several days earlier where Armin first give out his deduction of the Female Titan’s identity, as well as the killers of Sawney and Bean.

However, Annie uses a ring with a sharp point that she put on earlier to make the injury needed to transform. So with their first plan screwed, they switch to their next plan: To have Eren transform and capture her with force. He bites down on his thumb, only it doesn’t work because of that “You can’t transform without a specific goal” bullshit. But the real reason is that Eren is in disbelief that Annie is the Female Titan, even though everything he’s seen from her completely proves it.

In case it wasn't any more obvious to you...

In case it wasn’t any more obvious to you…

Annie crushes the underground tunnel, forcing Eren under the rubble. Meanwhile, the Survey Corps and Military Police prepare for battle.

Oh come on, That's not Eren. That's obviously Reiner.

Oh come on, That’s not Eren. That’s obviously Reiner.

Oh wait, it's Jean... Whoops.

Oh wait, it’s Jean… Whoops.

Meanwhile, Armin is trying to get Eren loose and get him to transform by telling him that in order to fight a monster, he must be willing to become one. The Survey Corps’ next plan was to restrain Annie using the same trick before, but she easily breaks free of it. Eren, finally coming to terms with his experiences, regains consciousness and transforms to fight Annie.

Random cat sitting while all kinds of hell is breaking loose.

Random cat sitting while all kinds of hell is breaking loose.

Well, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t expecting Annie to be the Female Titan, because I did expect it. At least this reveal was a lot better executed than Eren being the Rogue Titan, which I also predicted. Maybe the final episode will be a blast to watch, which is something the series has only barely achieved.

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