Attack on Titan #25(End): Wrath of the Titans

Round 2, FIGHT!

Round 2, FIGHT!

End (not very likely) of Attack on Titan… Wild ride it’s been, huh?

Eh, no it hasn’t.

So the episode starts with a church praising the Walls that did such a great job protecting them.

Screenshot - 9_30_2013 , 12_58_35 PMAnd then they get flattened by Annie. I’m sorry, but I laughed so hard when that happened. Anyway, Annie runs into an open ares of Stohess, where Maneuver Gear won’t work. Eren chases her and they go at it, without any sense of remorse of the rest of the city. I think at this rate, they’ll cause about as much collateral damage as Superman and Zod’s fight in Metropolis in Man of Steel.

The Military Police officers are threatening to execute Erwin for his plan, but then he reverse that on him, saying that if they kill him, then it’ll be their job to prevent Annie from escaping. They do lower their weapons, but Erwin must still stand trial for his actions.

Screenshot - 9_30_2013 , 1_18_19 PM

Anyway, Annie gets the upper hand on Eren, but he gets some kind of new Titan superpower, whatever, and tries to stop Annie, who is planning to climb the wall out of Stohess. But Mikasa prevents her escape by severing her fingers.

"Hey, Annie. See you next Fall!"

“Hey, Annie. See you next Fall!”

Once she hits the ground, that leaves Eren to tear her Titan body apart and attempt to devour her, but then the Female Titan’s body starts fusing with the Rogue Titan (huh…) and as Annie gets encased in ice?, Levi cuts Eren out of his Titan body.

Screenshot - 9_30_2013 , 1_25_52 PM Screenshot - 9_30_2013 , 1_26_08 PM

Holy crap, walls of text, tl;dr.

Anyway, with Annie encased in ice, they can’t get anything out of her, meaning they haven’t accomplished much of anything. As for Erwin, he has  to stand trial for all the casualties from his operation, despite the fact that he believes that it’s the first step towards humanity’s survival.

Well, that’s Attack on Titan. What did I think? Yet another show that was overhyped and didn’t do much to answer for it, as I expected. Although it was a better effort than some *cough*Sword Art Online*. Also, from what Isayama said, he plans to close it out at 20 volumes. I would imagine that what we’ve seen was what was already published and maybe they’re holding Season 2 for when more material is available or when it closes in on its climax. Either way, I wouldn’t mind seeing a continuation.

"Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere's Johnny!"

“Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere’s Johnny!”

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