Coppelion // First Impressions

Screenshot - 10_2_2013 , 9_14_45 PMYou know, I don’t think I can have any expectations for this, since the studio that’s producing this did a show last fall that was… Krap. But this isn’t an original work, so maybe it won’t suck this time around.

Coppelion is GoHands’ adaptation of Tomonori Inoue’s manga, In the year 2016, a nuclear power plant in Tokyo had a meltdown, contaminating the entire town with high levels of radiation. 20 years later, Ibara Naruse and her two friends, Taeko Nomura and Aoi Fukasaku, are part of the Self Defense Force special unit Coppelion as they search for any potential survivors. Odd thing is that they can walk around the nuclear wasteland without any protective gear.

I had to look up the plot synopsis on MAL, because the first episode does almost nothing to explain it. Hello, plot? GoHands, stop showing off your awesome animation and outlines and shit all the time and establish some plot. Or is making anything good too much of a challenge for you?

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