Log Horizon // First Impressions

Screenshot - 10_5_2013 , 10_35_37 AMIt seems nowadays there are a lot of anime where an MMORPG is the main setting. Of course, if it makes use of the setting in the right way, then we have something decent on our hands. So let’s take a look into the next one.

Log Horizon is a Satelight adaptation of Mamare Touno’s light novel. 30,000 players find themselves locked into the fantasy online game Elder Tale. What appears to be Akihabara is now the game world.  The story follows Shiroe, his best friend Naotsugu, and the assassin Akatsuki as they join forces to learn why the game became their new reality.

Does this sound familiar to anyone, or is it just me? …Nah, it doesn’t.

While it doesn’t truly establish how they got there, I do like how they’re making use of the mechanics of the game. Also, we don’t have any idea what will happen if the player dies. It’s discussed, but we don’t know yet. Will we? Okay start, but it’s pretty weak so far.

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