Valvrave #12: SUPERMARKET!

I think this sums up this episode well…

Before the episode begins, the story jumps to Galactic Calendar, Year 211. Saki? and L-Elf’s child? talk about how pretty soon, there are gonna be alot of dead classmates and the discovery of the Magius.

Present day: The reason why Haruto wants Saki to marry him is because he feels guilty for um… deflowering her (Let’s go with that!) and he wants her to make him pay for it. However, Saki refuses because that kind of thing happened to her a number of times. At least, that what she says. There may be a different reason… Also, it wasn’t really Haruto’s fault it happened. See? It’s no one’s fault. Anyone still bitching about it, deal with it and move on. Drop it!!

Wow, who knew Saki was such a slut?

Wow, who knew Saki was such a slut?

Okay, so Shoko tells L-Elf not to tell Haruto that he killed her father. Best to not know that there was a sacrifice necessary to take out the Dorssian fleet. As for the drill, it’s heading straight for the school, letting out poisonous gas in its path. L-Elf points out that this is the work of Cain, the very person who taught L-Elf everything he knows. Satomi tells Shoko that Akira spent her school life bullied and terrorized and, as a result, shut herself away from the outside world and asks her to save her. Akira however denies that.

Meanwhile, Haruto and L-Elf go to where he parked his Valvrave, only to find Cain waiting for them. Outside, the Dorssians make use of their trump card against the Valvraves: The Pietra del Sol, irons designed to overheat the Valvrave, rendering them inoperable.

Hahahaha. It's funny because they're ironing them. And irons are hot. Hahaha. Oh Q-Vier, you joker, you

Hahahaha. It’s funny because they’re ironing them. And irons are hot. Hahaha. Oh Q-Vier, you joker, you

Haruto and L-Elf tries to attack Cain, but are proven to be no match for him. Odd thing is that he refers to Haruto as a 3rd Generation.

Meanwhile, Akira refuses to go outside, even if it means she’s willing to die. Shoko won’t believe a word of that and goes out to drag her out. However, she gets caught in the path of the drill, knocking her unconscious. Akira decides to come out of her hole and search for Shoko. Along the way, she finds Valvrave VI. Of course, in order to start it up, she has to resign as a human being.

Screenshot - 10_5_2013 , 3_44_46 PMValvrave VI’s main weapon is Hummingbird, a pickaxe that hacks into any machine it makes contact with. Using it, Akira drives the drill out of the module. She also frees Haruto and L-Elf and gets them back to his Valvrave. Haruto uses his Valvrave’s vulcans to kill Cain…

Screenshot - 10_5_2013 , 3_51_48 PMBut it turns out he survived that because he too is a space vampire! …and not only that, he takes Valvrave II, a unit that’s supposedly inoperable, but activates it nonetheless!! He does this by using Ploo, a young male who is similar to VVV-tan!!! In fact, they’re siblings!!!! Oh, and VVV-tan? Her name’s Pino, and she can talk!!!!!

OK, now here comes the big one: It turns out that Cain is a member of a secret cult organization on Earth called Magius, which two of its members are the leaders from both Dorssia and ARUS, and governs both factions from behind the scenes!!!!!!!!!!!

So we go from body-jacking mecha-piloting Space Vampires to Space Vampires having sex to Space Vampire Illuminati. What an ending. Only Sunrise could pull this off. I mean, damn. You see how many exclamation points I just used? This is some serious shit here.

To be continued in Valvrave the Liberator 2nd Season…

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