Valvrave #13: Runes is People

Previously on Valvrave

Yeah… All that. Oh, and let’s not forget…

OK, time to get serious.

As you know, the Magius are the ones behind Dorssia and ARUS, which also means they are the ones behind the invasion of JIOR. They never took into account the Valvraves, however.

Now, back to where we left off last season: Haruto and L-Elf are fighting Cain, who has been revealed as a Magius and has taken the once thought to be inoperable Unit 2. It turns out to be ridiculously powerful, curbstomping Unit 1 and almost assimilating its core. Meanwhile, Akira, who now pilots Unit 6, goes off into space to save the skins of the other three Valvrave pilots and drive the enemy into retreating.

Two months later, Module 77 arrives on the moon, where the international council has ruled Dorssian occupation of JIOR as unjust.

Yeah, considering they're space vampires, I'd call them tragic. Especially Haruto.

Yeah, considering they’re space vampires, I’d call them tragic. Especially Haruto.

As for Haruto, the interval between his Kamitsuki attacks continue to grow shorter. Haruto willingly lets himself be locked up and used for experiments so that L-Elf and Professor Kibukawa can learn more about the Valvraves, Kamitsuki, and the Runes, and to prevent himself from attacking anyone.

So anyway, Kyuma has given his Valvrave the name “Beast High”, as in the name of the energy drink, for like sponsorship or something. Saki learns of Haruto’s weakened state and unwillingly lets him escape. Meanwhile, the Valvraves shut down due to lack of power.

It turns out the Valvraves are powered by the Runes, which are powered by humans. This means that the source of Haruto’s attacks were to gather energy sources for Runes to power the Valvraves. Haruto refuses to do this and asks L-Elf to kill him. However, if Haruto were to die, then that would mean another pilot to replace Haruto would be chosen, therefore creating yet another Kamitsuki.

You hear that? That was the sound of a thousand yaoi pigs going crazy over how kinky that sounded.

You hear that? That was the sound of a thousand yaoi pigs going crazy over how kinky that sounded.

Haruto retracts his request and decide to continue piloting the Valvrave, only feeding himself on L-Elf whenever he has another attack. His feeding on L-Elf regenerates the Valvraves. As Module 77 set course for Earth, once again Dorssians standing between them, Haruto vows to find out about the creation of the Valvraves, return back to being human, and ultimately bring an end to the curse by destroying the Valvraves for good.

Meanwhile, Cain meets with Mirko, one of the Magius who’s been posing as the Chancellor of Dorssia, and shows them new weapons which he refers to as “the children of the Valvraves…”

Good start to the season. Hopefully things will become more serious now that we know who the true enemy is,

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