Kyousougiga (TV) //First Impressions

Screenshot - 10_27_2013 , 10_35_18 PMHey, remember Kyousougiga? Yeah, that weird web anime? It’s now on your television.

Kyousougiga (TV) is a Toei Animation original based on the 2011 single-episode web animation and last year’s 5-episode web animation. The plot of the TV series appears to follow the same as the web animations, but if you need a refresher course: Koto and her two younger brothers find themselves stuck in an alternate Kyoto, and the only way to return home to the real Kyoto is to find a black rabbit.

First episode in, it seems that it could be alot more clear to me. One of my complaints about the 2012 series was the lack of coherency. Hopefully, this one could be pretty fun and more focused.

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