Valvrave #14 & #15: Within Enemy Lines

Screenshot - 11_4_2013 , 1_12_35 PMKids, never handle dangerous weapons.

Unless you’re an insane bloodthirsty child soldier. Then you can handle dangerous weapons.

Flying through rings? Superman 64 say what?

Flying through rings? Superman 64 say what?

Episode 14: So after JIOR breaks through the Dorssian blockade separating them from Earth, the other Valvrave pilots try to get Akira to open up to them, much to Satomi’s dismay. Akira responds to Satomi by tossing him off… which would probably kill him if they weren’t in a zero-G atmosphere.

Akira refuses to step out of her Valvrave so she just secludes herself in there. The only thing she has to worry about is running out of food. So she sneaks out…

Screenshot - 10_30_2013 , 5_32_51 PM…using the good old fashioned Solid Snake method of sneaking. It never fails.

Screenshot - 10_30_2013 , 5_33_35 PMSo it turns out that Akira hates her brother because of an event that happened between them which will be revealed later on. Meanwhile, Marie says some cryptic stuff about not having any memories of most of her life, which will also be revealed later on.

And this moment is ruined... Wait, Akira's is bigger?

And this moment is ruined…
Wait, Akira’s is bigger?

As JIOR begin their descent to Earth, Satomi opens a channels which actually alerts the Dorssian army to their presents. So the Valvraves must defend the shuttle. However, during the fight, Akira and Thunder’s units overheat. Kibukawa sends out a Familiar, a experimental assist unit designed to maintain the Valvraves’ heat levels.

A flashback reveals that sometime ago, Satomi studied his butt off to get into a high-class school, even risking his health to do so. Akira hacked into the entrance exam’s servers to alter the exams but ends up getting caught the second she finishes. Satomi did nothing to stick up for her, which led to her subsequent bullying.

Haruto heads out to get the Familiar to Akira’s unit and cool it down, but Haruto’s controls short out and blows his eye out. Using garbled transmissions sent from Akira, Satomi alters the course of the shuttle to get Units 1 and 6 back on board as they continue their descent to Earth. As Marie notices Haruto’s eye fully healed, L-Elf reveals that they’ve landed into Dorssian territory…

Episode 15 begins with another look into the distant future, with Saki telling L-Elf’s child (I’m going to assume that that is L-Elf’s son.) about an 11-year old girl who became the first Kamitsuki. Another interesting thing here is that Satomi is here as well. Perhaps he becomes a Kamitsuki as well?

Present day: With the crew landed into Dorssian territory, they have to make a plan to get to JIOR territory.

Yup. Q-Vier was a literally killer keet, even as a child. I swear, this kid ain't normal.

Yup. Q-Vier was a literally killer keet, even as a child. I swear, this kid ain’t normal.

While L-Elf takes Saki and Akira into the Karlstein Agency, the rest set up bombs in a cave for Dorssians to take the bait, while Kyuma and Thunder go to take out the Ideal Blume. As it turns out, Marie chose to come to Earth to find out about her lost memories.

L-Elf’s group run into a couple of Karlstein kids and the first thing they do is shoot Saki on the spot. As it turns out, members of the Karlstein Agency were trained to kill or be killed. L-Elf knocks them out so that Saki and Akira can bodyjack them and infiltrate the army. Meanwhile, Marie jumps into Unit 1 in order to learn about what happened to Haruto until…

Screenshot - 11_4_2013 , 1_20_27 PM

Yeah, it turns out Pino and Marie used to know each other five years ago. However, Marie only remember the previous two years of her life. Haruto catches her in the Valvrave and asks her what she was trying to do, and Marie confronts him about what he is. L-Elf shoots Marie in the head in order to keep the Valvraves and the Kamitsuki a secret.

Meanwhile, Kyuma and Thunder get a taste of the Dorssian’s new weapon, the Kirschbaums, the “children of the Valvraves” Cain mentioned before. They are strong enough to blow off Nobu-Lightning’s left arms and melt through Beast High’s shields.

Screenshot - 11_4_2013 , 1_40_12 PM

Oh and Marie? She’s a Kamitsuki too! I always knew that girl was strange!!

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