Toonami DST Surprise // Reviews

Screenshot - 11_5_2013 , 9_32_31 PMOK, so airing two [adult swim] pilots for the extra Daylight Savings Time hour may have been the most controversial thing the [adult swim]-era Toonami has performed. I admit, I think this was a bigger shitstorm than Sword Art Online episode 14, which is one of the series’ worst, by the way. So I decided to put up my own thoughts.

I’ll only talk about King Star King and Korgoth. Since I saw Kick-Heart during Toonami’s second movie night (both showings), it won’t be here. But if you’d like to know what I thought of it, look here.

King Star King
Um…. Well, it wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t good either. I’ll just sum this up in five of my own tweets.

Korgoth of Barbaria
Korgoth I thought was better than King Star King. At least this had some coherency and some decent humor to it. I actually would like to see this as a whole series, mainly because I’m a fan of the animation director Gennedy Tartakovsky (who also worked on Sym-Bionic Titan). As it is right now, it could be a good fit for Toonami if it had more action.

Overall, aside from Kick-Heart, King Star King and Korgoth may not have been the best choices for the DST hour. But let’s be honest: Which is less hazardous to your health? These two, or Sword Art Online episode 14?

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