Samumenco #7: Samurai Flamenco Goes Bananas

Soooooooooooooooo… Let me get this outta the way, because holy shit… (Will add photos later.)

By the way, this is gonna be the start of a new, time-saving approach I’m doing starting this season.


I mean I thought the guy was just having a drug-induced seizure. Next thing I know, the guy goes literally apeshit.

The guy transforms into a goddamn giant metal gorilla thing. I thought this was supposed to be anime Kick-Ass or something. Yeah, we go from six episodes of good, clean crime-fighting superhero fun to “Wait, there’s an actual villain in this show? And it’s not just some petty criminal?”

Damn… I take back anything I said about Samumenco being mediocre. This is actually pretty decent.

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