pupa // First Impressions

Screenshot - 1_9_2014 , 6_49_13 PMSo I seem to have suckered myself into watching yet another short-episode anime this season. Mainly this is because I didn’t actually expect it to only be 5-minute episodes. That’s my fault. Anyway…

pupa is a Studio Deen and Earth Star Entertainment adaptation of Sayaka Mogi’s manga. The story follows Utsutsu Hasegawa and his little sister, Yume. One day, Yume sees a mysterious red butterfly, which causes her to undergo a transformation into some kind of man-eating creature, and so Utsutsu must find a way to get her back to normal.

That… was a strange episode. I’m intrigued a bit, but rather disappointed. I think pupa might have the potential to be something other than to be something to kill a few minutes; but it’s gonna be hindered by its runtime. Which is a real shame, because I was expecting this to be, y’know, an actual half-hour episode series. We’ll see what happens, but I sure picked a weird-ass show to watch this season…

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