Wake Up, Girls! // First Impressions

Seven girls, but only one face.

Seven girls, but only one face.

So, Yamakan… You’ve returned to save anime again after the last time you tried? Whenever was the last time you did that? Fractale, was it? I don’t know. But after three years later, we come back to see what you have up your sleeve this time.

Wake Up, Girls! is a Ordet and Tatsunoko original. The story is set in the Sendai region of Japan in July of 2013, during the “Warring Idols” period. The talent agency Green Leaves Entertainment is on the verge of going out of business after losing all of their clients. In a last-ditch effort to get it back together, the last two remaining, the company president Junko Tange and the manager Kouhei Matsuda, decides to recruit seven teenage girls with attitude and turn them into the idol group “Wake Up, Girls!”.

So the prequel movie Wake Up, Girls!: Seven Idols  is basically the pilot movie of the series. The series itself doesn’t recap the movie, so if you start the series itself, you’re gonna be lost. was okay. It helps to introduce the characters and the story, but it moved pretty slow. Gotta start somewhere, I suppose. So like I said before, the first episode is basically a continuation of the movie, so you won’t get anything out of that. Regardless, this has some potential and I’m gonna keep watching and hope it’ll get better.

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