Space Dandy #2: The Ramen Dimension

Even in space, selfies are possible.

Even in space, selfies are possible.

So last episode, Dandy, QT, and Meow met with their untimely end. And now here we are, supposedly pretending last episode didn’t even happen. I suppose this was akin to the Cowboy Bebop episode Toys in the Attic. …Or maybe it was just a dream?

Anyway, The crew of the Aloha-Oe is short on food and money becasue the aliens they’ve found are too common to be worth much wulongs. Not to mention Meow ate all of their ramen. The Gogol Empire Seventh Fleet, led by Dr. Gel, keeps tracking them using Gogol Galaxy Street View to no avail, but gets a lead when they find Meow keeps using some kind of social network that resembles a combination of Foursquare and Facebook as they check in at a galactic ramen shop in search for Phantom Ramen. Both sides end up crossing paths with the specimen inspector of the Alien Registration Bureau, Scarlet and learn the hard way to never get in between a woman and her ramen, especially when said woman can kick your ass.

When you see it, your Bones will shake.

When you see it, your Bones will shake.

After evading the Gogol fleet multiple times, Dandy finds that they’ve found them through Meow’s posts and throws his phone out into space. Upon getting a lead on the phantom ramen, Dandy and Meow get sucked into an wormhole  that sends them into another dimension where they meet its creator. The chef tells a story of his younger biker days where he tried to light his girlfriend’s cigarette with his fire breath, only to end up incinerating her. Whoops.

Seems as though he was just too hot for her to handle.

Seems as though he was just too hot for her to handle.

Afterwards, he fled from his homeworld and ended up on Earth, where he took up cooking ramen. He them fled to another dimension to. Also the secret ingredient in his phantom ramen: Tears. His own tears! Yes, Space Dandy did just do the “Your tears are delicious” meme. Anyway, the wormhole is about to close and trap them both in their forever. The old man gives Meow a complimentary bowl of ramen, only to lose it when they return back to their dimension. Hey, at least they didn’t die this time.

This one was a rather good improvement from last episode. Seems we’ll be pretending episode 1 didn’t happen and just move on from here.

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