Space Dandy #4: The Walking Dandy

Screenshot - 2_5_2014 , 3_53_20 PM

Watch out, zombies are attacking, and they’re hungry. for brains!

Dandy and the crew has caught another alien to be turned in: a Stiltonain, known for its quick reflexes and gentleness. Only the one they caught is the complete opposite of that. They assume that it’s not a Stiltonian and head to the registration bureau. However, a few hours later, they find Meow acting strange. They take him to a doctor only to find that he’s dead. Meanwhile, Gogol Empire Admiral Perry sent mercenaries to aid Gel in his search for Dandy.

*Sees nurse being eaten by zombie, no fucks given*

*Sees nurse being eaten by zombie, no fucks given*

The next day, Dandy and QT return to the hospital only to find that everyone in the hospital has been turned into zombies. Even Gel and his team gets turned. After using QT to beat some of their heads in, somehow it results in her becoming a zombie too. With the help of a conveniently arriving helicopter, Dandy escapes the zombie-filled hospital only to be caught by the zombified pilot himself.

Yes, apparently in Space Dandy, even machines can become zombies too.

Yes, apparently in Space Dandy, even machines can become zombies too.

A few months have passed. Dandy and friends have found no way to return to their normal lives and are forced to accustom to their new undead lives, filled with despair and raw meat. However, they learned that yogurt is the key to zombie happiness. That still doesn’t help their sluggish movements. So Dandy decides to use his own life insurance money and fund for all their Boobies meals. However, there lurks zombie hunters hired by insurance companies to prevent zombies from living off of their own life insurance. However, they too become zombies, and as a result, everyone in the galaxy, living, mechanical, even the narrator himself, become zombies.

Well, that the end for Dandy’s lively adventures. Next episode has a heartwarming story. Oh, and we’re apparently forgetting this episode ever happened, just like Episode 1.

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