Look Back: The Intruder // Toonami Total Immersion Event

September 8, 2000: It was a time back when T.O.M. was short and pudgy and sounded like Krillin from Dragon Ball Z, and SARA had a slight British accent to her voice. It also marked the beginning of Toonami’s first Total Immersion Event, The Intruder. as well as the end of T.O.M.1. It was the moment Toonami was changed forever.

It all started with a red blob creature breaching its way inside the Absolution engines, devouring anything that crosses its path, getting bigger every time it feeds. Eventually it even feeds on T.O.M., killing him. However, his memories was downloaded into a bigger, thinner, and badass-sounding T.O.M., who had to blow off the Absolution engine the intruder already took, sending it into the depths of space. Since the engines that the Absolution was equipped with were outdated, T.O.M. had to order one of three new engines. Eventually T.O.M. (or better yet, the audience) chose the Talon S.T. engine. With an improved engine, the Absolution sets off on more space adventures, with the threat of the intruder nothing more than a bad memory.

Or so they thought…

And now, 15 years after that fateful event, the intruder has returned and it’s hungry for vengeance. Toonami will bring the sequel to the first TIE In 2015 (final date TBD).

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