Space Dandy #5: Adélie the Cute Little Alien Girl

Screenshot - 2_19_2014 , 2_57_03 PMAnd now we go from oddball comedy to cute space friendship story between a dandy guy and his hew alien (apparently an adult, but there’s no way to tell that) friend.

Wait a minute, wasn’t Dandy a zombie last episode?!!

Either that, or I got a really nasty crook in my neck.

Either that, or I got a really nasty crook in my neck.

While the Aloha-Oe gets towed away for parking illegally, Dandy is on the search for a Gentooan. Gentooans have the ability to swap one’s mental consciousness into any object once per day and 666 seconds. In this case, she puts Dandy into an six-eyed penguin plush. After Dandy captures a Gentooan named Adélie, he learns that the ship has been impounded. The only way to the registration bureau is through the space train. Along the way, at Adélie’s request, they make a brief stop on the planet Humboldt to meet her grandfather.

When they get to his apartment, she finds that he’s already moved. Apparently, Adélie’s mom passed away when she was young and her grandfather is the only living family she has left. Dandy decides to go to Boobies because he doesn’t feel like babysitting, but he’s actually just going out to look for any leads about Adélie’s grandfather’s whereabouts. The next day, they arrive at Humboldt station and thinking that Dandy’s just gonna dump her off somewhere and abandon her, Adélie bodyswaps him back into the six-eyed penguin plush and storms off. Unfortunately, that leaves her at the mercy of a pair of alien hunters that Adelie encountered earlier.

"Angry Birds" just got a whole lot more angrier.

“Angry Birds” just got a whole lot more angrier.

Dandy gives chase, despite not being accustomed to his current body and manages to stop the alien hunters and then the day is saved by another Gentooan, who happens to be Adélie’s grandfather. Dandy had got into contact with him the night before and asked to meet with him at the station. After they part ways, Adélie asks to come on-board the Aloha-Oe when she grows up… by human standards, anyway.

Screenshot - 2_19_2014 , 3_30_57 PMSo this episode proves that Space Dandy can put aside the humor for a while and pull off a heartwarming episode when it can. This one really had it’s moments. Hopefully we’ll have more like these soon, maybe with Adélie should she appear again.

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