What’s the deal with all these short-episode anime?

"Huh" indeed.

“Huh” indeed.

You know, I haven’t been totally bothered by this at first, but now I’m noticing a trend of short-episodic anime. This season, I was looking forward to pupa, since I’ve taken a liking to supernatural-horror themes. However, I was very peeved when I learned that 5 minutes long. It doesn’t help that it looks that good. Heck, the opening and ending “animations” are nothing more than a slideshow of stills that make it look like Manglobe put more effort into Samurai Flamenco‘s second opening animation. Makes you wonder if the production staff were on a very short budget. However, Tonari no Seki-kun has actually been pretty good thus far, and each episode is only 7 minutes long, which I think works with the episode length. If this is the start of some cost-cutting trend production staffs are starting to do, then it’s one I’m probably gonna have a problem with…

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