Space Dandy #8: Laika’s a Bitch. Then, You Die.

Screenshot - 2_26_2014 , 4_22_26 PM Screenshot - 2_26_2014 , 4_22_31 PMNothing like a cute little doggie to hit you where it hurts.

Um… Didn’t Dandy travel billions of years into the future last time?

Somewhere in an Andromeda-like galaxy, Dr. Gel and Bea are testing their new tracking device, which is also linked to their ship’s weapons systems. After Admiral Perry gets a damage claim and ends up firing the two, they decide to warp away. Meanwhile on the planet Machinia, Dandy and the crew arrive only to find nothing but junk.

I think the Bebop crew should get their fridge back.

I think the Bebop crew should get their fridge back.

However, Dandy does find a stray dog, and decides to let her in as part of the crew, much to Meow’s dismay. Dandy names it P.U.P., which is short for Precious Upside-down Coconut Pie. As it turns out, the dog spent hundreds of years thinking she was hated by humans because she was sent into space. Having met Dandy and the others, she feels satisfied with her life as she passes away. As Dandy gives Pup her proper sendoff, the narrator reveals that Pup is actually Laika, a Soviet dog that the Russians sent into space. It was mentioned that she died when her ship, the Sputnik 2, overheated during reentry. Although it’s not clear if Pup and Laika were one and the same.

Meow brought on board a couple of stowaways in the form of two sibling Machinians, Graviton and Gravitino, a couple of flea-like aliens that were hiding in Pup. The elder brother hides into Dandy’s hair, where it meets its untimely end from a comb. Meanwhile, the little brother, Le Flea, decides to hijack QT and attempt to commandeer the ship. However, it ends up getting squished by Meow. As it turns out, they were the ones holding Machinia together, and their death means the planet turns into a black hole. And it seems that this is the end for Dandy and the crew… again, until QT remembers they can warp. Meanwhile, Gel and Bea arrives where Dandy left, as they meet their end. And no tracking device can save them.

This is what happens when you borrow the device Bruce Wayne used to edit the Penguin's mayoral speech.

This is what happens when you borrow the device Bruce Wayne used to edit the Penguin’s mayoral speech.

Yeah, as much as I thought Pup’s death was unexpected and saddening (Even the narrator teared up.), I thought the second half didn’t match up with the mood from the first half. In short, I liked it, but was a bit underwhelmed.

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