The Irregular at Magic High School // First Impressions

You know, after Guilty Crown and Sword Art Online, you’d think people would at least be cautious to board any hype trains. You know, they have a tendency to derail, like I mentioned before. Which is why I always keep my expectations as low as possible. Unfortunately, people are hyping this for some very bad reasons. So, fanboys. Ready for– Excuse me, let me put on my Mandarin voice. *clears throat* Ready for… another lesson?

The Irregular at Magic High School (Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei) is a Madhouse adaptation of Tsutomu Satou and Kana Ishida’s light novel. After the end of World War III during the mid-21st century, the concept of magic was integrated into modern technology. In the year 2195, the Private Magic University Affiliated High School (Geez, that’s a mouthful) is enrolling new students for the spring semester. The story follows Tatsuya and Miyuki Shiba, two siblings who are enrolled into the Magic High School. Tatsuya’s low scores put him in Course 2 aka the “Weeds” class, mainly due to his being so laid-back. Meanwhile, Miyuki’s almost perfect scores puts her in Course 1 aka “the Blooms” class, and her feelings for Tatsuya seem to extend to way more than just sibling love.

I got a lot to say about this. Sit down. First off, incest is bad, mm’kay? No, but seriously, can’t we have just one normal brother/sister relationship without resorting to incest? Please?! Anyway, I walked into this show very sure it wasn’t going to be as good as anyone says it will. I was proven right. Really, this first episode is nothing more than a big ball of high school cliches, cookie cutter characters, and almost no plot. There’s a decent premise involving magic and technology there, but it only talks about that for a few minutes. Also, if I took a shot for every time Miyuki said “Onii-sama,” I’d probably be dead of kidney failure. She irritates me already with that crap. I’m beginning to think the third coming of Guilty Crown is already upon us, only that had good promise. Mahouka has none of that, and it’s gonna take a lot of effort to convince me not to consider it yet another piece of overhyped crap.

One thought on “The Irregular at Magic High School // First Impressions

  1. falahime

    I have to agree. I’m so tired of the incest angle and that made me lose interest from the beginning. I’ll give the next episode a chance but I’m not holding out much hope for this series.


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