Black Bullet // First Impressions

So from what I’ve heard, this is apparently “Lolis Get Killed Left and Right: The Series” or “Attack on Titan with lolis” Ohh boy…

Black Bullet is a Kinema Citrus adaptation of ‘s light novel. In the year 2021, a parasitic virus known as Gastrea that turns anyone into mutants drove humanity to the brink of extinction., forcing them to live behind monoliths made from an alloy called Varanium that the Gastrea cannot withstand. There also exist superhuman young girls who were born with the Gastrea virus known as “Cursed Children.” Ten years later, the Tendo Civil Security was established to combat the Gastrea. They consist of Initiators (Cursed Children) and Promoters (who leads the Initiators). The story follows Promoter Rentaro Satomi and Initiator Enju Aihara, as they are assigned as Tokyo’s defense.

So Black Bullet seems to have presented itself as Attack on Titan as a light novel, which is pretty decent. For extra points, Yuuki Kaji (who voiced Eren Jaeger) also voices Rentaro, so you have to wonder if that was an intentional casting choice there. The problem is that it is a light novel, so of course we have to have a tsundere loli who wants to jump on the main character’s bones. Not to mention, the exposition is overly stated, like it want us to make sure that we know the plot, even though one can piece it together just by watching it. Aside from that, it seems pretty decent so far.

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