Mahouka: The Second Coming of SAO? Very Likely…

You know, even if Tatsuya were joking about this, that doesn't make it any more funnier. In fact, it ends up looking ridiculous.

You know, even if Tatsuya were joking about this, that doesn’t make it any funnier. In fact, it ends up looking ridiculous and disgusting.

I don’t do this often, but I need to vent some frustrations immediately.  It’s only three episodes into The irregular at magic high school (Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei) and I’ve already gave up on it and find it one of the worst to come out of this year.

Like I mentioned before, Mahouka looks like yet another overhyped piece of crap. And quite honestly, I don’t understand its popularity. It’s no different from Sword Art Online: A bland high school teen drama power fantasy. What do people see in these shows? And why do people love these kinds of shows?

The characters are just terrible. Tatsuya is supposed to be this awesome “Oh, he so cool” character and yet he does absolutely nothing. He’s more or less a blank slate; a character with no personality that you have to fill in the blanks yourself and I’ll get into what else is wrong momentarily. And Miyuki I’m going to sum up her entire character in one word: “Onii-sama”. That’s it. She’s supposedly one of the top students, but she wants to bone her brother. At the moment, the only character I like for the most part is Erika, which can only mean that she’ll eventually become like Klein from SAO, a character loved by most, but overshadowed by blander characters.

For a show that’s about magic and technology, it’s not really explain how it works. How does this magic work? What’s a CAD? What’s that thing do? Things happen just because. For example, Miyuki is indicted into the student council. She agrees to join as long as Tatsuya joins as well, which is against the rules to have a Course 2 on the council. Why does Miyuki want Tatsuya on the council? Maybe because she can be closer to bone him, I guess. Another example, at the end of the second episode, Tatsuya goes up against a member of the disciplinary committee named Hattori Hanzo who is opposed to the idea of letting a “Weed” on the council. And so I’m thinking “Okay, the battle’s gonna start this episode and then pick up on the next episode, right?”

Nope. The fight is over before it even begins at the end of the episode. Tatsuya OHKO’s Hanzo. Ummm, what. Are we supposed to actually believe that a new student is effortlessly able to beat a person who’s been going to this school for a number of years? Nope. Nuh-uh. I’m usually able to let the suspension of disbelief get away with some things, but this is just ridiculous. My Gary Stu sense is tingling, everyone.

And then in the recent episode, Tatsuya sends Miyuki through physical examinations which require her to strip down to her undies (The fact that she and Tatsuya stare at each other for a good minute before said exams make me think this was only for the sake of fanservice, although). Afterwards, said scene goes in a very unnecessary direction. Let me show you.

Why was that needed? Did the scene really need to remind us Miyuki’s unnatural obsession with her big brother? Because we weren’t already aware of it already.

There’s no way this show is getting any better. It seems the only direction this can go is down. I am going to continue watching, mainly because I got nothing better to do, but as far as this show is concerned, my expectations is at absolute zero. I really do feel sorry for anyone who walked into this show expecting something and got nothing.

5 thoughts on “Mahouka: The Second Coming of SAO? Very Likely…

  1. JellyBelly

    Hattori is only a second year so he hasn’t actually been at the school for a few years. It should be believable that Tatsuya could potentially have the upperhand as he was trained by Yakumo who is a rather infamous dojo leader and trainer that Tatsuya and Miyuki trains with. Notice the scenes when Tatsuya reveals this and everyones shock and surprise.
    The only people that should have been hyped for this were the light novel readers. Somehow people who dont read the novels fell victim to the hype and somehow missed that which people who read the books (each book is on the order of 350-490pgs) like about the ongoing series. Most had also had tempered their expectations considering this is the enrollment arc.
    I guess the good thing here is that you are continuing to watch it so maybe you will be able to separate it from Sword Art Online as the meat of this arc finally starts and we get to the other arc this anime will animate.

  2. cynickris

    I honestly recommend you go and read the light novels. I don’t think comparing this to SAO is fair, the SAO anime was horribly paced and not true to the actual novels at all. Hell, I liked the SAO novels so much I actually made a fansubbing group to fansub them. I was forced to drop it at episode 7 because of how awful they adapted it. While it is true, and I do agree, that the explanations are somewhat lacking, I’d dare say almost 25% of the first 4 volumes of the light novels are an explanation of the world they live in and how magic works. I’ll actually admit I was a bit sketchy on the whole incest thing myself when I was reading it for the first time almost four years ago, however once you learn more of the background behind Tatsuya and Miyuki they both become completely different and I, as the reader, almost started to pity them. You need to either give this series more time, or go read the novels; you’re missing out on something good.

    1. DarkstarZero Post author

      OK so here’s the issue with “read the LN:” I shouldn’t have to. I should be able to piece everything in the anime together without falling back to the source? Plus, has it ever occurred that should someone read the LN, there might be something that the reader doesn’t like? For example: the recent episode basically says you’re worthless if you can’t use magic. The world in Mahouka appears to
      be built on a system of meritocracy; a very flimsy one at that. I’m actually feel like rooting for the so-called terrorists that oppose the system.

  3. mak2hybrid

    You know, already in 3 episodes of this and goddamn, it’s really heading toward that feeling I had first watching SAO….actually, the second time watching SAO considering I mostly drift asleep during the 1st; mostly that most of the storyline is pure bullshit and it’s another male-power fantasy series that does nothing to entertain me and they really pushing Miyuki to fuck her brother. Why in the fuck? Also, fuckin’ hell, Madhouse.


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