Aldnoah.Zero // First Impressions

The Urobutcher is back again, to make you feel all kinds of emotions and kill alot of your favorite characters. Only here, he’s only involved with the series composition, so this might be like Gargantia. But still; have fun.

Aldnoah.Zero, an A-1 Pictures original, is set in an alternate history where Apollo 17 has discovered a hyper gate that allows east travel from Earth to Mars in 1972. As a result, some people have migrated to Mars. However, war breaks out between Terrans and Martians and Princess Asseylum Vers Allusia goes down to Earth to settle this dispute. That goes as you would expect as terrorists decide to make all hell break loose by assassinating the princess and making things worse for Earth and Mars affairs.

It was an OK first episode, I was mostly confused as to how this mess got started and I couldn’t grasp the plot well, but I’m seeing the potential, though. Poor New Orleans, though.


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