Akame ga Kill! // First Impressions

Assassins: Check. Ass-kicking girls: Check. Swords: Check. I think we might have a winner here, folks.

Akame ga Kill!, a White Fox adaptation of Takahiro and Tetsuya Tashiro’s manga, follows Tatsumi, a fighter for the imperial capital who is seeking money and fame to help his starving country. Little does he know that the empire he fights for has become corrupted by greed. After a woman named Akame from the assassin group Night Raid exposes Tatsumi to the government’s evil ways, which includes the torture and death of his two friends, she recruits him into their group as they work to kill those responsible for the empire’s corruption.

First episode in, I liked what I saw pretty much, which is a big deal considering most of everything so far this season, except for a few, has  been pretty standard. But hey, the season only started, so they, along with Akame ga Kill!, still have a ways to go. However, this one doesn’t seem to plan on disappointing anytime soon.

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