Terror in Resonance // First Impressions

Screenshot - 7_10_2014 , 9_03_02 PMShinichiro Watanabe fans must certainly be enjoying themselves this season. Not only do they get Space Dandy, but they even get another anime with Yoko Kanno helming the music… and terrorists. Yeah. Terrorists.

Terror in Resonance (Zankyou no Terror), a MAPPA original, is set in an alternate present; One normal summer day, a sudden terrorist bombing on the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building sends the entire city into a state of chaos, and the only lead the police has is a mysterious video uploaded onto the internet prior to the attack. This video shows two teenage males that shouldn’t even exist yet. They, who only goes by Nine and Twelve, both form Sphinx and this terrorist attack is only the beginning of something that involves the entire country of Japan in order to “pull the trigger on the world.”

I figured that even going by the key visual and the fact that this show involves terrorism and mass destruction that Terror would feel like it’s definitely invoking the emotion of a certain horrific moment in American history, which might rub some people the wrong way. Despite that, I feel like it succeeded at not only that, but adding a sense of mystery and atmosphere to the setting. Out of this summer season, which all but a few have had average starts, Terror in Resonance seems to have the strongest start thus far.

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