Tokyo ESP // First Impressions

Tokyo ESP is–

Yomi?! Kagura?! What the heck are you guys doing here?

Yomi?! Kagura?! What the heck are you guys doing here?

Wait, hold on one second. Gotta make sure I’m watching the right show…

Screenshot - 7_11_2014 , 11_10_17 PM

OK. Thought I was watching Ga-Rei Zero for a moment there. *ahem* Tokyo ESP, a XEBEC adaptation of Hajime Segawa’s manga, is set in the not too distant future, where normal high school girl Rinka Urushiba suddenly gains the power to phase through solid objects after seeing a flying penguin (yes, a penguin). But she’s not the only one with extrasensory powers. There are others ESPers like her running amok in the streets of Tokyo, some of the bad ones are terrorizing citizens, and it’s up to Rinka, known to others as the White Girl, to stop them.

So much like Ga-Rei Zero (who shares the same animation company and author), Tokyo ESP begins in medias res, where we’re supposedly in the middle of the story, since Rinka shows up at the end of the episode, and later episodes presumably shows how we’ll get there. However, it doesn’t exactly work as planned here. I would much rather have seen the “how we got here” along with the “what’s going on right now.” Other than that, I’ve heard that his has a bit of an X-Men vibe going on, which I can feel, so it gets a few points for that. It was a decent start, but I hope this gets better from here.

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