Gurren Lagann premieres on Toonami this weekend, Blue Exorcist Re-Review

tengen_toppa_gurren-lagann_211317As you know, this weekend on Toonami, Gurren Lagann, a Studio Gainax original series, will premiere, replacing Blue Exorcist. And that means Toonami finally has a mecha series besides Sym-Bionic Titan. In fact, Gurren Lagann is widely considered to be one of the most finest mecha anime to come out of Japan in recent memory, I think.

Speaking of Blue Exorcist: Remember when I said it will be Aniplex’s make-up for giving Toonami Sword Art Online? Yeah, I was wrong. Gurren Lagann‘s making up for both of those pieces of crap. How did I not notice these issues with the Blue Exorcist anime back in 2011?

I pretty much welcomed Blue Exorcist with open arms after that gross, misogynistic harem scum Sword Art Online was put out of its misery, but now after watching it again a few years later, I realized that this anime is pretty freaking bad. The first half of the show was decent at the least, but the second half is full of character derailments, dumb asspulls, and utterly stupid writing all over the place, a few episodes of which were just SAO-level of idiocy (“Oh, Rin’s the son of Satan, we need him to control his flames. But those flames hurt people, so fuck you, we inexplicably hate you now.”), and a completely infuriatingly anticlimatic ending. Soul Eater‘s anime-original episode were better written than this, so this has absolutely no excuse. Really, they turn into a blue phoenix and send Satan back to Hell? This was pretty much a very piss-poor adaptation and you’d be better off reading the manga instead or hoping they Brotherhood it, and forgetting this terrible adaptation even existed. Go to Hell, Blue Exorcist. [Final Score: 5/10] The movie’s good, though. Way better then the TV anime.

All hope is not lost as Gurren Lagann is coming to bring a swift end to Aniplex’s track record of bad Toonami show selections. Third time’s the charm, indeed.

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