Space Dandy #21: That Thin Line Between Life and Death

Screenshot - 9_3_2014 , 3_09_43 PM

Being dead ain’t Dandy, baby…

Dandy wakes up all alone in a world unknown to him, not even knowing how he got there. Trying to figure out where this place is, he runs into one of the world’s inhabitants named Ferdinand. He tels him that he is on the Planet Limbo, a world of death. Dandy being here means he’d dead (again) and the inhabitants of Limbo are attempting to make him accept death. However, a red cube he had since he was on the planet makes him remember his memory.

So you're saying you haven't been doing any alien hunter-like things before? Well, this is quite the revelation...

So you’re saying you haven’t been doing any alien hunter-like things before? Well, this is quite the revelation…

The Dandy trio were on the trail of a possible rare alien they detected on the Planet Limbo. However the Aloha-Oe ends up passing through a dark nebula, causing Dandy to smash his head on the control panel. Ferdinand convinces Dandy that his life (or lack thereof) is better at Limbo since it is a world with no sadness. However, a world without sadness is also a world with no joy, which Dandy refuses to accept and wants out. He then stumbles on a train car where he meets a girl named Poe, who is the Planet Limbo itself.

A long time ago, Planet Limbo used to be a planet of the living. However, they eventually led themselves to their own downfall. Souls of the dead tend to attract each other, which is how they, Dandy’s included, arrived to Limbo. Dandy can’t go back to his own world, but she sends him back to a certain world where he was able to escape through the nebula, which requires using all of the planet’s energy to pull it off. Meanwhile in the real afterlife, Poe is reunited with another Dandy, presumably from an alternate universe.

So out of all of Season 2’s episodes, this one made me think of a theory on how anyone who dies come back to life. Maybe they go though this state of purgatory and somehow when they come back to life, reality resets itself or something. Because it never seems that they remember their deaths. Or maybe they do, because they remember being zombified. I don’t know. Space Dandy continuity is one of the biggest mysteries in life. Either way, it was a very good episode.

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