Disco Dandy: An Interdimensional Tale of Two Exes (#22, #23, #24)

So I guess Galaga's old news in Space Dandy. We Space Invaders now.

So I guess Galaga’s old news in Space Dandy. We Space Invaders now.

Episode 22: Dandy has weird dreams about dancing with some Miror B. lookalike while the Aloha-Oe crew is on the way to Planet Grease, a planet where a Dancingian shows up every hundred years to participate in a dance contest where the winner gets 100 million woolongs. However, the planet hasn’t had a festival in 500 years because the Dancingian hasn’t shown up.

Geez, we've known for awhile that Dandy was a slave to the booty, but who knw he had a good one of his own, according to the show?

Geez, we’ve known for awhile that Dandy was a slave to the booty, but who knw he had a good one of his own, according to the show?

Realizing Dandy’s dancing ability, the keeper of the planet decides to hold a (fake) dancing contest, with Dandy as a Dancingian, to drive more visitors and to bring out the real Dancingian. It’s succeeds as the real Dancingian, named Tohn Jravolta, comes out and the dance contest kicks off. Dandy challenges Jravolta to a dance-off set to music from a strange record he bought earlier. This record, when played, causes time to accelerate or reverse. Also, it turns out Jravolta isn’t a Dancingian at all, but just an alien that loves to dance. But the real Dancingians show up, and Dandy and Jravolta’s dancing and Dandy’s pynonium energy causes a new Planet Grease to be reborn where all the inhabitants are reborn to dance again.

Honestly, after the High School Musical episode and the Dropkix episode, both of which were one of my favorites out of Season 2, the latter moreso, I kinda felt burnt out on musical episodes. I remember looking at the preview and saying “Another musical episode? Meh.” I liked the episode, but I didn’t care too much for it.

Episode 23: Scarlet has had issues with her ex-boyfriend, Dolph Lundgren, constantly stalking her since their relationship ended and in order to prove to him that’s she’s over him, she employs Dandy to act as her new boyfriend for a week. They decide to go to the Planet Trendy, a planet where chic couples hang out. In the English dub, The Narrator starts speaking hipster when describing Trendy, which makes me wonder what the English dictionary is coming to.

Wait. Santa Claus and Yuki-Onna are aliens? Who would've gueesed?

Wait. Santa Claus and Yuki-Onna are aliens? Who would’ve gueesed?

However, Dandy is more concerned about catching unregistered aliens while Scarlet’s off the clock. Despite Dandy acting like a total clown, he and Scarlet do share similar interests in Chuck Norris videos, like Missing in Action and Karate Kommandos. Near the end of the week, Dandy learns the hard way why Scarlet sent Dolph to Dumpsville: He’s batshit insane! Of course, Dandy planting a kiss on Scarlet right in front of him doesn’t help his sanity either.

Although I'm not entirely sure how you can stalk someone in a Gundam.

Although I’m not entirely sure how you can stalk someone in a Gundam.

As a result for his destructive behavior, Dolph is arrested and placed on a restraining order, preventing him from being within 10,000 parsecs around Scarlet. With the job finished and Dandy paid, the crew decide to celebrate at BooBies. However, Dandy blows that off to make one last date with Scarlet. As it turns out, their psuedo-date has actually caused Dandy to fall for Scarlet, but fate (read: the Status Quo) won’t allow that to happen…

It’s a damn shame that nothing will ever come out of this relationship and everything will just reset itself back to the norm after this episode. Too bad, I kinda liked Dandy and Scarlet together. But there seems to be a good explanation as to why the status quo remains in effect for all of Space Dandy. If you can wrap your head around it, that is.

Trains are dicks to romantic couples!


Episode 24: A 2D universe has warped into 3D space, and Dr. Gel and Bea are caught in it. Turns out Dandy has hundreds of bad memories of that universe and wants to avoid it at all costs. Meanwhile, Dandy runs into his ex-girlfriend, a fourth-dimensional being named Catherine.

That depends on whether or not you find tesseracts hot. If you ask me, she's got nice lines, though.

That depends on whether or not you find tesseracts hot. If you ask me, she’s got nice lines, though.

As it turns out, Catherine’s ex-boyfriend, a 2nd-dimensional named Paul, is searching for her by dragging the 2D universe out with him. Also, he’s rolling that universe like a scroll. Since that means there’s no way in, Honey suggests they poke their way in.

Man, I got all these Kill la Kill jokes here...

Man, I got all these Kill la Kill jokes here…

The Aloha-Oe (literally) cuts its way through the 2D universe to find Paul. Meanwhile, Dr Gel’s destroying the 2D universe’s warp drive actually causes it to send them into a 1D universe, which Paul used to power its warp drive. Catherine asks Dandy if he’s figured out the secret of warping. OK, bear with me here. Ready? *deep breath*

Warping doesn’t exactly exist, but it is actually just travelling in the space between universes. Let’s say that you’re in one universe and there’s another similar version of you in another universe.  The you in one universe A senses that “this is you” in one moment and the next, the you in the other universe senses that “this is you.” So basically, the Dandy before and after warping are two different Dandys. However, only fourth-dimensionals can sense the switching between universes when warping, so there is only one Catherine, and the Dandy she loved is not this Dandy. The reason why Catherine left Dandy was to show Paul this secret. Meanwhile in the 1D universe, Dr. Gel and Bea are warped into an 0D universe!

So I pretty much spent a good number of days trying to wrap my head around this warping concept, but it all makes sense to me now. Somewhat. Apparently, each episode is basically its own alternate dimension or something of the sort. At least that’s what I think.

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