Space Dandy #25: Who Killed Guy Reginald?

Oh, come on. No way Dandy's guilty. Look at that face. That certainly ain't the face of a murderer.

Oh, come on. No way Dandy’s guilty. Look at that face. That certainly ain’t the face of a murderer.

Screenshot - 9_25_2014 , 12_56_38 PMDandy finds himself in court, accused for the murder of a Lumetian named Guy Reginald. As it supposedly goes, Guy was killed by a baseball thrown to his head, and the only witness to the murder was his wife, Rose, where she saw Dandy right next to guy, along with the ball and a mask.

13th month? Lousy Smarch weather...

13th month? Lousy Smarch weather…

All of the evidence and testimonies from Scarlet, Meow and QT seems to point to Dandy being the murderer. The ball belonged to Hiroshi from Planet Turbo, who states that he was playing with his friend, Jack, until his ball disappeared. However, the  distance between Planet Turbo and Suburbia (where the murder occurred) is only 5,000 parsecs, and no murderer would go out of the way to travel that long to obtain a potential murder weapon.

However, there appear to be no traces of DNA on the ball nor Dandy, but Pyonium instead. Professor Duran, an expert on Pyonium, is brought to the stand to explain what it is. Pyonium, also known as the “god particle”, has the ability to cross between dimensions and alter time and space. The defending attorney submits Guy’s life insurance policy as evidence, which states that 50 Million Woolongs would be offered to Rose in case of his passing, way more than a Lumetian is worth. As it turns out, Rose works at Boobies along with Honey and had bought several dangerous weapons. And surveillance video footage from Boobies shows that she was acquainted with Dandy prior to the murder. Which leads the court to believe that Rose planned to kill Guy and hired Dandy to pull it off.

How the ball got from Turbo to Suburbia is still a mystery. Duran brings up a theory that Pyonium can be manipulated by emotional fluctuations, such as killing intent, which might have originated on Turbo and found its way to Guy.

Throughout the whole trail, Dandy has remained silent for some reason. Meanwhile, Meow has found a Chwitter account that points to the real killer…

Geez. Kids should never use Chwitter. They'll become murderers.

Geez. Kids should never use Chwitter. They’ll become murderers.

Hiroshi’s Chwitter account mentioned his intention to kill Jack with his baseball. However, the Pyonium resonated with his killing intent, sending it straight to Guy. And Hiroshi’s motive was because Jack blocked him on Chwitter. The weapons Rose bought was for Guy. As it turns out, Guy used to be a pro wrestler before his career fell apart and Rose bought those weapons to reboot his career. Oh, and Guy’s actually alive because the ball only knocked him out cold, and the coroner misdiagnosed him as dead. Oh, and Dandy wasn’t answering because he was asleep the whole time.

Aside from how the baseball ended up on Suburbia, which Duran implies that Dandy contains high amounts of Pyonium, everything seems to end on a high note with Dandy acquitted of all charges…

…until he sees an entire legion of Gogol henchmen waiting outside the courthouse to capture him.

To be continued in the grand finale.

To be continued in the grand finale.

So what’s the moral of this story? Don’t block your friends on Chwitter, because they will try to murder you.

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