selector spread WIXOSS // First Impressions

Screenshot - 10_3_2014 , 8_33_07 PMLast spring, a certain card battle anime became a surprising interesting to watch anime. Card Games on Suffering and Despair ensued. Yeah, I decided to call it that.

selector spread WIXOSS, a J.C Staff original based on the Takara Tomy card game continuing from where last Spring’s selector infected WIXOSS left off, now has Ruko Kominato at a loss, having learned the harsh truths about WIXOSS: When a Selector loses three times, they not only lose their wish and right to be a Selector, but said wish gets turned against them. Selectors that become Eternal Girls switch places with their LRIGs. Also, when a Selector becomes an Eternal Girl, the LRIG must also agree to the Selector’s wish or it won’t happen. Ruko decides to become an Eternal Girl in order to bring an end to the cycle. However, things don’t exactly go her way and she finds herself without her LRIG, Tama, and replaced by Iona Urasoe, who had wished to become Ruko’s LRIG. Now, Ruko must find a way to reunite with Tama and set things right.

So first episode back into selector, I find myself slightly lost a bit, so the first episode of spread mostly helped bring me back to speed on what has happened after infected, as well as clear up a few things that left me hanging. So not too much to say about this.

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