Log Horizon 2 // First Impressions

Screenshot - 10_4_2014 , 8_38_00 AMFrustrated that Sword Art Online is only using the MMO setting just to make its story a male power fantasy? I know I am. Well, Log Horizon, the real MMO anime, has come back to show you how it’s really done. Now let’s get back in the Database, Database. Just say Wow Wow Wow Wow!

Log Horizon 2, Studio DEEN’s adaptation of Mamare Touno’s light novel continuing from last year’s Satelight adaptation, continues the story of the titular guild after they find the MMO Elder Tale having become their new reality. Six months have passed since it it all began and Akihabara have become a more civilized environment, thanks to the efforts of Shiroe and his friends. With the Winter approaching, the Adventurers must now work towards accomplishing new goals in the world.

Like I said before, on its best days, Sword Art Online doesn’t even hold a candle to Log Horizon, and the fact that both second seasons are airing at the same time this Fall only makes the issues of the former worse. Already in the first episode, Log Horizon 2 has pretty much outdone every single episode of SAO 2 to date. I know that’s saying alot, but Log Horizon has already proven to me that anime set in the video game world can’t be terrible. Also, I know the change in studio had me worried a bit (same goes for Psycho-Pass 2), and Log Horizon‘s animation isn’t exactly noteworthy, but now I’m not too bothered with it. I hope it doesn’t get too bad.

Man, Sword Art Online AND Log Horizon airing at the same time… It’s like comparing two cookies: One fresh out of the oven chocolate chip cookie and the other a stale, covered in mold sugar cookie.

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