Gundam Build Fighters Try // First Impressions

Screenshot - 10_8_2014 , 10_35_01 AMYou know something? I’m extremely glad I managed to finished Gundam Build Fighters in time for this new season. Considering last Fall was terrible for anime, I couldn’t watch anything. Fortunately this Fall season’s looking significantly better so maybe I have a bit of motivation to watch stuff. Now if only I could try to apply that same motivation on some of the other shows I watch.

Gundam Build Fighters Try, the Sunrise original sequel to Gundam Build Fighters, is set 7 years after Sei Iori and Reiji Asuna won the 7th Gunpla Battle World Tournament. Since then, a new Gunpla Battle mode involving 3-on-3 team battles were introduced.  Unfortunately for Gunpla Battler Fumina Hoshino, she’s the only one left in Seiho Academy’s Gunpla Battle club at her school. Fortunately, a new transfer student named Sekai Kamiki, who uses his martial arts skills in Gunpla battles, and Yuuma Kousaka, a model builder who retired from Gunpla but came back, joins up with Fumina and together, they form Team Try Fighters.

First episode into Try, it’s feels mostly the same thing except with a new cast of characters, which is a good thing, since Gundam Build Fighters was extremely fun. So if it’s not broken, then don’t fix it. Other than that, I hope I can try to not fall behind on this again like I did last season.

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