Yuki Yuna wa Yusha de aru // First Impressions

Screenshot - 10_16_2014 , 10_14_53 PMOK, so I think I need to watch more slice of life shows this season. This season has actually been good to me so far (even better than last Fall), so let’s hope it can keep this stride.

Yuki Yuna wa Yusha de aru, a Pony Canyon and Studio Gokumi original, is set in Year 300 of the Era of the Gods. The story follows Yuna Yuki and her handicapped best friend, Mimori Togo. Along with Fu Inubozaki and her little sister, Itsuki, they form the Sanshu Middle School’s Brave Hero Club. The Brave Hero Club go around town, helping townspeople with their issues. But that’s just what they do on the surface. They are also magical heroines chosen by the Shinju-sama to protect it, as well as humanity, from the threat of the Vertex.

OK, I’ll be honest: I did not look into this show that much so I basically just went in blind. I thought this was gonna be some charming slice of life series. No, seriously, it clearly said slice of life on the description!! You can bet I was rather surprised when the show decided to shift genres and turn into Sailor Moon out of the blue. Well, the first two episodes got me interested, at the least. I swear if this show goes the Madoka route…

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