SAO II #17, #18, #19, #20, #21: Sleeping Knights are Wide Awake

Screenshot - 12_10_2014 , 11_17_09 PMOnly a handful of episodes of this garbage remain to tear apart, and I intend on finishing all of theme before Christmas morning.

Wait a minute. Just Asuna? Kirito’s absent?! A boss fight with real teamwork?!! Heeeeeey, what show am I watching? This sure as hell ain’t that crappy show. You sure this ain’t Log Horizon? *reads title* Uhhh? Did Sword Art Online actually get somewhat decent when I was away?

OK, so where I last left off, Kirito and his harem waifu squad and Klein are fighting this giant king Thrym and Freyja has to grab her hammer, Mew Mew, er… Mjolnir, to defeat him. She is actually a he, and he is Thor, the God of Thunder. Much to my dismay, he looks nothing like Chris Hemsworth.

Screenshot - 12_10_2014 , 10_39_52 PM Screenshot - 12_10_2014 , 10_40_05 PMSKIP! Boring filler is boring.

Why does Aniplex keep making good singers like LiSA do songs for garbage anime? I mean, damn. LiSA has great songs, but I can't bother to notice them because it's utterly wasted on piles of trash like this and Mahouka.

Why does Aniplex keep making good singers like LiSA do songs for garbage anime? I mean, damn. LiSA has great songs, but I can’t bother to notice them because it’s utterly wasted on piles of trash like this and Mahouka.

Anyway, now we’re in the year 2026, supposedly starting the Mother’s Rosario arc. Anyway sometime before then an update for New Aincrad started that restored a certain number of floors there. One of those floors included Kirito and Asuna’s forest house. You know, the one place where they were doing mostly nothing while their lives were on the line. Man, everything this show does does nothing but bring up bad memories for me.

Supposedly this arc is where Asuna is the main heroine. Since I have clearly stated my utter disdain for Asuna numerous times, it’s not something I’m looking forward to. But that at least means that Kirito has a minuscule presence in the arc, right? I mean, Heaven forbid we keep making him the one and only star of the show, stealing everybody else’s spotlight.

Anyway Episode 17 is Too Much Exposition, 7.8! SKIP!

We learn that Asuna’s mom zigzags between having common sense in that why anyone is still playing these games after that SAO mess, and just being a downright bitch-a-rooney-dooney. I mean, Asuna is like, 19 now? She’s almost an adult now. Being “Kirito-kun’s waifu” isn’t much of a future, as much as Asuna thinks it is. Like what are her own ambitions? Anyhoo, all the big talk Asuna got in SAO, the real Asuna is a nobody. Which kinda goes against a quote that struck me when watching .hack//SIGN (a show way better than this one) that “A loser in real life is still a loser online” or something like that.

And we're going to withhold that information so that it's gonna be a big surprise to everyone.

And we’re going to withhold that information so that it’s gonna be a big surprise to everyone.

Also, There’s this guy (actually a girl) named Zekken (Also known as Yuuki Konno), who has an 11-hit combo sword skill, the highest recorded combo so far. After a rather good fight scene (Too good since animated fight scenes isn’t Sword Art Online‘s forte) Zekken recruits Asuna into her guild, the Sleeping Knights. Their goal is to defeat a Floor Boss with only seven players before they have to disband. A really tough task since boss fights are usually fought with at least 49 players (Seven teams of seven players each), *cough*except for that one time*

Sometime ago, Zekken fought Kirito and won. She could’ve recruited him, but apparently she figured out something about her.

Anyway, when the Sleeping Knights go to the boss room, they see another larger guild that specializes in boss raids has called dibs on the boss, so they decide that the best way to decide who gets to fight the boss is to duke it out. So Zekken and Asuna–

Screenshot - 12_10_2014 , 11_13_27 PMOh, COME THE HELL ONNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!! Piss off, Kirito. You’re not welcome in this arc. Seriously, leave! Go away! Shoo, shoo. Away with ye. Begone. Scram, you pest!

So anyway, the Sleeping Knights clear out the guild and get to the boss room while Kirito (*grumble*) and Klein (Yay!) hold the others back. Anyway, the Sleeping Knights manage to find the boss’ Achilles’ Heel: A jewel in between its necks. Zekken attacks its weak point for massive damage. And with their goal accomplished, their days as the Sleeping Knight approach their end.

So ignoring the boring Calibur arc, what do I think of the Mother’s Rosario arc so far? Surprisingly not half bad. I mean the past few arcs were utterly terrible, and because of the irreparable damage it has done to itself, I can’t be optimistic that this arc will change my overall opinion of it. Again, the same issues that have been seen in most arcs are still present: The biggest one is Kirito himself. The guy is so Gary Stu that all the flashy sword swings and deflecting magic and what have you, everything he does is all show just to make him look awesome, but it makes me lose interest quickly. It’s other biggest problem is its ability to handle emotional drama. Sure, Zekken and the Sleeping Kights are a fresh change of pace from Gary Stu and his harem of waifus, but there’s some sense of turmoil from not only the fact that the team has to disband, but from something personal from Zekken herself. The problem is I cannot get invested in these characters alot and the show is trying (and failing) to make me do so. Again, I won’t change my opinion of Sword Art Online II anytime soon, but I’m actually beginning to feel as if Mother’s Rosario is the arc that Sword Art Online should’ve been, which makes me feel that all the previous arcs’ past stupidity weren’t worth reaching this point…

Get used to this, because you may never hear me be this nice to this show ever again.

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