Sword AIDS Online II #22

Screenshot - 12_10_2014 , 11_40_59 PMThat sounds… terrible. So, doc. What kinda terminal disease does Yuuki have anyway? Probably like some unknown, random, fictional disease, or…?

Screenshot - 12_10_2014 , 11_41_18 PM Screenshot - 12_10_2014 , 11_41_39 PM

Ah, it can’t be that bad, is it?

…Is it?

Screenshot - 12_10_2014 , 11_45_03 PMUh, come again?

Screenshot - 12_10_2014 , 11_45_11 PMWhat.


Oh, and not just Yuuki. Her entire family had it. The Sleeping Knights has it! That’s right, all the characters you just met a couple episodes back are all sentenced to die!!

Is this show serious? This is all kinds of wrong. And I mean not the “I feel so sad for her” wrong? I mean the “What the bloody hell is Kawahara thinking?!” wrong. Seriously, what the bloody hell is Kawahara thinking? “Hmm. the readers aren’t caring for Yuuki enough. How do I make them care? I got it! Let’s give her a terminal illness! And not just any terminal illness. Let’s give her AIDS.” That has to be it. Just another terrible way to make more cheap, ill-gotten drama and “THE FEELS!” for characters that I barely care about. The same thing they tried and failed to do with that Yui nonsense back in Aincrad. It didn’t work then, and guess what? It doesn’t work now. It only ends up making a fool of itself when it tries and fails to make heavy drama.

You can’t just throw in something extremely serious as AIDS and think that’ll get people to instantly care about your characters when you barely even develop them to begin with. Not to mention that it’s also shows how little to no respect the writing has for this kind of stuff. That’s using underhanded tactics. Now I feel like this show is insulting not just the viewer, but actual AIDS victims in general. Geez, I don’t think Forrest Gump or Angel Beats! had the gall to get this stupid and low. Freaking Captain Planet did AIDS better than this crap!!

Well, into the trash you go, Mother’s Rosario arc. ’twas a good run, but Kawahara keeps giving me yet another reason to be disgusted by this garbage even more.

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