Aldnoah.Zero (2nd Half) // First Impressions

Here is Aldnoah.Zero; Now, Plain.Zero.

Here is Aldnoah.Zero; Now, Plain.Zero.

I’ve made no secret of my disdain for the “Gundam-killer” Aldnoah.Zero. For two reasons: It’s yet another example of overhyped pile of mediocrity that only frustrated me rather than entertain, mostly because of Inaho, who is as emotionless as Kristen Stewart. Also, the plot Is like the writer of Boku no Pico tried to be like Urobuchi to cover the fact that he left after writing the first few episodes. Yeah, that’s right. The head writer after the first few episodes also wrote the screenplay for Boku no freakin’ Pico!

The second half of Aldnoah.Zero, A-1 Pictures & TROYCA’s original, starts 19 months later since the Martians have claimed victory over the Terrans, along with the majority of Earth. The Terrans continue to fight back, even though they’re outgunned by the Martians’ Aldnoah-powered Kataphrakts.

But wait, there’s more. Everyone you thought were dead are actually alive and well thanks to idiotic, brain-dead writing! Saazbaum, guts pumped full of lead and lost alot of blood? Nope, perfectly fine. Asseylum, shot three times and also lost alot blood? Also alive and mostly well. Inaho, shot through the head and lost an eye and lots of blood? Perfectly goddamn fine and got himself a freaking bionic super-eye, with the power of magic Aldnoah princess saliva. Also known as fucking bullshit straight from the asshole!! Holy mother of God, I’ve never seen such embarrassingly stupid writing from a mecha anime. Not even G-Reco‘s or Cross Ange‘s worst episodes were worse than this. And that’s saying alot about the latter.

What was even the point of ending on a crazy cliffhanger season finale by killing off your main characters if you’re just gonna undo it all in the next season? I’ll tell you what: To get a cheap shock reaction out of the viewer. Asseylum died like three times over the course of this series so far and somehow came back alive every chance, and there’s no logical explanation for any of this other than incompetent and half-assed BS writing. And the fact that Inaho, the most boring excuse of character in this show, was offed in the season finale and then came back alive for a stupid reason, that’s a massive cop-out. And I strongly dislike cop-outs. I would’ve thought that the show would improve with him gone and following Slaine, since I think he’s an actual character and I Iegit applauded (and snickered a bit) when Slaine headshotted Inaho, but nope. We just can’t have nice things. As far as I’m concerned, this “Gundam-killer” has imploded on itself, and the only point in watching it is to see how further down it goes.

Why didn’t you double-tap, Slaine? You could’ve improved the show if only you double-tapped.

One thought on “Aldnoah.Zero (2nd Half) // First Impressions

  1. GoodbyeNavi

    Did you honestly believe they were dead, though? It was pretty much guaranteed they were going to come back based off the writing of the show. I sort of enjoyed it but thought the ending of the first season was an unnecessary twist. Then this first episode for the second season was downright boring. And then they just decided to introduce this new character.

    I had the exact same reaction as yours with how Inaho survived; hell, how all of them survived. But seriously, magical saliva! The writing is terrible for this show. Why did I watch this?


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