Assassination Classroom // First Impressions

You wouldn't think so at first, but this is actually a normal day in Class 3-E.

You wouldn’t think so at first, but this is actually a normal day in Class 3-E.

Class is in session. Welcome to How to Murder Your Teacher 101.

Assassination Classroom, Lerche’s adaptation of Yuusei Matsui’s manga, follows Kunugigaoka Junior High School’s Class 3-E, who has one mission: Kill their homeroom teacher. This is because he, whom the students gave the nickname “Koro-sensei” (from korosenai sensei = Unkillable teacher) is actually an alien creature who is responsible for blowing up 70% of the moon, and intends to do the same to the Earth if he isn’t assassinated before the end of the school year. Problem is that Koro-sensei is virtually impossible to kill due to his accelerated healing ability, speeds up to Mach 20, always thinking one step ahead, and just being the best teacher Class 3-E has ever had!

In all my years of watching action films and stuff, I can’t help but think the students of Class 3-E keep missing the perfect opportunities to bust a cap in Koro-sensei’s ass. Like, shoot him when he’s not even looking! Or use, like, a motion-sensitive explosive. Aside from that, Assassination Classroom looks and sounds like it has the most ridiculous premise this season. Only time will tell if this will be stupid good fun, or just plain stupid. Until then, I won’t expect this to blow anyone away.

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