Durarara!!×2 // First Impressions

Welcome back to Ikebukuro

Welcome back to Ikebukuro

I’m not sure I mentioned this, but the lat time I watched Durarara!! was back in 2011 when it was airing on [adult swim]. 5 years after the first season ended, a second season announcement was very unexpected since it pretty much became a thought in the back of my head. It could be a little too late for a second season. Can it stand the test of time?

The second season of Durarara!!, an adaptation of Ryougo Narita’s light novel handled by Studio Shuka instead of Brains Base, is set six month after the end of the first season.The city of Ikebukuro remains mostly unchanged, as in something’s always happening somewhere. Like a case of serial murders at the hands of someone who goes by “Hollywood.”

So first episode back: Eeeeeeeeeehhh, yeah, it was just an okay first episode. I just couldn’t get very invested in it. Clearly I need more time to get reacquainted with this, so I blame my loss of interest in watching Durarara!!. I should’ve rewatched Season 1 first…

But, seriously, Aniplex (or Dengeki Bunko), would you stop advertising your damn garbage? I don’t need to hear or see any Mahouka, SAO, Black Bullet, or Oreimo references. Stop it.

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