Maria the Virgin Witch // First Impresions

Time like these where I wish I hadn't forgotten my French.

Time like these where I wish I hadn’t forgotten all of my French from high school other than “omelette du fromage.” And even if I did, I still ain’t reading that bottom words..

Winter’s still coming and I’m thinking I should ask the witches to put a stop to that. But that’s none of my business. Yeah, I freaking hate Winter, in case you didn’t realize.

Maria the Virgin Witch, a Production I.G adaptation of Masayuki Ishikawa’s manga, is set during the era of The Hundred Years War in Northeastern France, where the titular benevolent witch sought to put a stop to the senseless fighting between France and England, despite the local church labeling her as a heretic. However, her actions and use of magic attract the attention of the Archangel Michael, who gives Maria an ultimatum to not use her magic in the presence of mortals, and that she’ll be allowed to keep her magic so long as she keeps her virginity.

So before the show started, I was under the impression that Maria would be a weird comedy show, but it seemed to be alot deeper than that. The first episode didn’t really do much of anything to really grab me, though, but it has potential. Since this is an adaptation of a completed manga, we can expect it to not end on any cliffhangers, right?

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