Death Parade // First Impressions

Screenshot - 1_17_2015 , 7_31_14 AMWell, Madhouse has gotten back on my good side after Parasyte closes off a very terrible 2014 for them. Can they keep up the pace?

Death Parade, a Madhouse original based on the 2013 Anime Mirai short Death Billiards, is set in a bar in the afterlife known as Quindecim where two people who are recently deceased at the same time are sent to. The bartender there is a mysterious white-haired man named Decim, who challenges visitors to a random game where they must wager their lives. During the game, the events that cause them to end up at Quindecim come to light and their true colors are shown, which results in both players being pitted against each other. In the end, it is Decim who decides who gets reincarnated and who gets sent to the void.

So first episode into Death Parade: Surprisingly I wasn’t lost at all, having not seen Death Billiards (but now I intend to). Instead, I found this to be the most stylishly done show of this season. And it seems that it’s going to be following a non-serial plot, which is something we don’t see often and it’s something that’s going to hopefully make Death Parade one show to keep an eye on this season. By the way, Full Flyers is OP of the season.

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