The Rolling Girls // First Impressions

Yeah, no, I'm not reading all of that text on the bottom.

Yeah, no, I’m not reading all of that text on the bottom.

Still got a couple more impressions posts to send out,  so let’s see what those guys at Wit are rolling out until Attack on Titan Season 2 comes.

The Rolling Girls, a Studio Wit original, is set 10 years after the end of the Great Tokyo War, Since then, all of the prefectures of Japan has became their own independent country, ruled by a superpowered individual called a Best, who battle other Bests to gain control over territories. The story follows Nozomi Moritomo, a regular (or Rest) teenage girl whose job is to clean up the mess caused by battles between Bests. When the Best Nozomi idolizes named Masami Utoku, also known as Maccha Green, is injured during battle, she enlists Nozomi and her friends, Yukina Kosaka, Chiaya Misono and Ai Hibiki, to help settle the territory disputes that Maccha Green usually handles.

So, watching this show and its fun, colorful animation has already got me intrigued. Its concept and premise gives off vibes of Kyousougiga, which is great because I loved Kyousougiga, and that can only mean I’m bound to find enjoyment from this. As you know, this is Studio Wit’s first original anime (not counting HAL), so I’m hoping this one won’t let me down.

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