Yatterman Night // First Impressions

Screenshot - 1_31_2015 , 6_32_49 PMFor some time, Tatsunoko’s been looking into reinventing and reimagining their franchises. Casshern Sins and Gatchaman Crowds left an impression on me to a certain degree, so can a different take on Yatterman do the same?

Yatterman Night, a Tatsunoko original spinoff of Time Bokan: Yatterman, is set years after the Yatterman duo, Gan-chan and Ai-chan, defeated the Doronbo gang. Since then, they’ve founded the Yatter Kingdom, which has been under the protection of a new generation of Yatterman. However, these Yatterman are alot more corrupt and oppressive than the duo we’re familiar with. The Doronbo gang is brought back once again by their descendants, with a young girl named Leopard taking up the mantle as Doronjo, to rebel against the New Yatterman’s regime.

On one side, you have the fact that now you’re rooting for the Doronbo gang instead of the Yatterman this time around. Of course, you realize the Doronbo gang were Team Rocket before Team Rocket even existed, so it maintains that slapstick comical aspect. But at the same time, it seems alot darker and more serious than the original, so it’s a mix of both. We’ll see if this can leave an impression on me.

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