Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin // First Impressions

Screenshot - 3_30_2015 , 12_59_23 PMSo every Gundam fan spent the last five years waiting patiently for every new episode of Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn. At least I was patient; I don’t know about any of you guys. And those episodes were well worth the wait. Now, in 2015, we gotta do this all over again. Hopefully not as long this time.

Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin, Sunrises 4-part OVA adaptation of Yoshikazu Yasuhiko’s manga retelling of the 1979 anime Mobile Suit Gundam, is set in the year Universal Century 0068, 11 years before the One-Year War. As Zeon zum Deikum is proclaiming his declaration of independence fom Side 3: The Autonomous Republic of Munzo, he is suddenly killed from a heart attack. As tensions rise between the Deikum and Zabi families, Casval rem Deikum and Artesia sum Deikum, the two children of Zeon, will begin their journey and will soon face their destinies that will eventually lead the two siblings to assume their respective identitles of Char Aznable and Sayla Mass,

From what I’ve read, this anime adaptation of The Origin is only going to be focusing more upon Casval and Artesia’s journey, and not retelling the One-Year War. Either way, I’m impressed with the first episode. Not as much as Unicorn did in its first episode, but close enough. It’ll be quite interesting to see how the events before Mobile Suit Gundam shaped out, since I don’t think it was elaborated upon much in the series proper. Also, I’m beginning to think that I’m not a fan of The Origin‘s use of CGI for mobile suit battles. It’s not bad, but it gets jarring at times. So, looks like Sunrise will be doing the 2 episodes per year thing again. Hopefully this time around there won’t be any schedule slips.

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